MixMob’s White Paper Marks the Next Leap Toward Mask Owner Presale

5 min readDec 9, 2023

MixMob shares new details around MXM presale and reveals its highly anticipated White Paper.

Last month we launched Flip Web2 and kickstarted the journey to our MXM Token Sale! Today we are excited to unlock Chapter 2 with the release of our White Paper. Two years into building the MixMob universe, you can dive into the blueprint of our gaming innovation and immerse yourself in a world where culture, rebellion, and gaming collide.

Chapter 1 Recap: Mask Owner Presale

Our upcoming Mask Owner Presale unlocks our exclusive MixBot MXM Token Package. Mask owners can participate by purchasing a MixBot for $250 USD from which they will get the equivalent in MXM. MixBots are Arena-ready and come equipped with MXM multipliers, whose potency is determined by the MixBot’s trait rarities.

Gen0 Mask owners who participate in the Mask-Owner Presale unlock the following exclusive bonuses, in addition to their $250 MXM return:

  • 30% MXM bonus for anyone who buys 2 or more MixBots.
  • 15% MXM bonus for anyone who buys 1 MixBot.

MixMob is more than a game, it’s a manifesto for the future of play — where gaming meets DeFi. Here’s what to expect in our White Paper.

Origins & Lore

What would you do if a rogue AI deleted our culture? This question sets the scene for the MixMob universe and drives the narrative behind Racer 1, our groundbreaking card-strategy racing game, that merges real-money gaming with DeFi.

MixMob isn’t just about racing, it’s about mastering your MixBots, winning crypto, and being part of the movement to Flip Web2!

The Web3 Gamer

Meet the Web3 gamer, the newest gamer category who are early adopters of new game forms like free-to-play and esports. Web3 gamers were raised on video games, understand the need for true ownership, have a higher spending mindset, and are motivated by finance. It’s the Web3 gamers who will Flip Web2.

Tokens & Game Economy

Understand the mechanics behind our gaming economy, where every race, every strategy, and every bet moves you forward in a battle against HELIX-9. Level up through high-stakes Arenas, NFTs, and the transformative power of MXM tokens.

Racer 1

MixMob: Racer 1 is a robot battle racing game, Mario Kart meets Hearthstone with crypto. Combining the best of synchronous card strategy and battle racing games, this 3-minute competitive experience is easy to play but hard to master.

Within the game, players can compete to win crypto in four different ways:

  1. Players win crypto in racing Arenas called Turbo Arenas.
  2. Players participate in for-crypto tournaments.
  3. Non-gamers participate by wagering on racers.
  4. Anyone can stake their winnings in one of the racing Arenas, where a high percentage of the revenues go back to stakers.

MixBots & NFTs

Unpack the important role of Digital Assets and NFTs in the MixMob economy. Currently, MixMob has three different NFTs: MixBots, Card Decks, and Gen0 Masks.


Understand the characteristics and benefits of the two different tokens in our system: MXM and SUD$

  • MXM is the governance token to operate the MXM League and incentivize players to race, buy premium items, and participate in the Turbo Arenas.
  • SUD$ is a soul-bound token within MixMob, which means players cannot transfer SUD$ to one another. It can only be exchanged with the MixMob wallet; in this way it prevents market forces from affecting the token economy.

MXM League & Esports

Our White Paper introduces the MXM League, the structure that unifies the games, tokens, broadcasters, community, and players. The MXM League establishes regular game schedules, standardizes rules and regulations, and maintains fairness and integrity within MixMob’s gaming universe.

The MXM League generates revenue in a number of ways, including ticket sales, broadcasting rights, merch, and sponsorships, making MixMob’s esports economically viable.

Turbo Arenas, DeFi & Staking

Turbo Arenas are the race tracks where players compete. These Arenas have three main functions:

  1. Generate the main revenues to drive the overall economy.
  2. Act like DeFi liquidity pools to attract a large player base.
  3. Provide staking that distributes more crypto to players while also creating a flywheel.

Core Technologies

The entire MixMob gaming system and economy are built with a number of technologies. Our White Paper provides background on the most important integrations, including:

  • Solana Blockchain
  • The MixMob Wallet
  • Cross-Platform Play
  • Soulbound Tokens
  • NFT Crafting
  • Cheating Protection
  • SFT System

Economic Outlook

The core principle of MixMob’s economy is long-term sustainability paired with gameplay that is accessible, exciting, and skill-based. The pricing of the Arenas is carefully calibrated to ensure that reasonably skilled players make a profit while MixMob and Arena owners take a reasonable cut.

Current Status

Our results in Racer 1 Closed Beta show the game has achieved product-market fit.

  • 31% Arena Profit Margin: Shows users spend money, proving our game’s economy and business model work.
  • 2,595 DAU and 15,543 MAU: Indicates our game is regularly played, highlighting its popularity.
  • 70% 7-Day Retention: This high rate shows players keep coming back, meaning they enjoy our game.
  • 3:1 Referral Coefficient: Each player brings in three others, surpassing the industry average of 1.7 and indicating strong organic growth.
  • 52-Minute Average Session: Players stay engaged for nearly an hour, indicating they really like the game.
  • Over 5,000 Bets: This shows players are keen to wager, adding competitiveness to the game.
  • 4,000 Viewers for our MixMob World Clash Esport Event: Proves our esports events are popular and can attract an audience.

Future Plans

Our White Paper reveals our future plans as we progress towards full commercial release, including integration of:

  • Altcoins
  • Racing Crews
  • Themed Tracks & Boosts
  • Turbo Arenas as NFTs
  • User-Generated Content

This is your invitation to be at the forefront of Crypto Gaming. Check out our White Paper for details on the above and get ready to Flip Web2!

Read our Lite Paper for more background on the project.

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