MixMob flips the script with “Flip Web2” and reveals Chapter 1 of its groundbreaking Token Launch campaign

3 min readNov 17, 2023

Gen0 Mask Owners unleash MixBots and amplify Token allocations in MixMob’s MXM Token Presale!

This is it, Raiders. The time has finally come to throw our hands up and ‘Flip Web2’! We’re shaking up the norm and empowering our community to pioneer the future of Crypto gaming.

Join us in the first chapter of ‘Flip Web2’, starting today, an introduction to the epic launch of our MXM Token. Gen0 Mask Holders, this is your chance to lead the charge with exclusive access to the MixMob Mask Owner Presale. Your participation unlocks a fully-playable MixBot and the chance to increase your token allocation with MXM multipliers. Read on for details.

MXM Launch Timeline

Our Flip Web2 campaign unfolds over 7 chapters and will apex in our MXM Token launch. Soon, Gen0 Mask owners will have first dibs on securing their MXM bag in a Mask Owner-only Presale. After spending 2 years building the game and balancing the economy live, we are officially ready to kickstart our Token Launch!

The sale will be divided into 3 phases:

  • Mask Owners Allowlist Presale (soon)
  • Public Presale
  • Sale

Mask Owner Presale unlocks MixBot MXM Token Package

Everyone who participates in the Mask Owner Presale is rewarded for being early with our MixBot MXM Token Package, which includes a unique, playable MixBot. In addition to being Arena-ready, each MixBot comes equipped with MXM multipliers, whose potency is determined by the MixBot’s trait rarities. Gen0 Mask owners who participate in the Mask-Owner Presale unlock the following exclusive bonuses:

  • 30% MXM bonus for anyone who buys 2 or more MixBots.
  • 15% MXM bonus for anyone who buys 1 MixBot.

Gen0 Rarity Priority Access

The rarity of your Gen0 Masks grant participants priority access to specific levels of the Presale:

  • Gold & Glitch: Exclusive Level 3–4 Capsules-only sale access.
  • All other traits: All-levels Capsule sale access (Capsule will be drawn at random).

How MXM Multipliers Work

MXM multipliers are determined by 2 things: your MixBot traits score and multiplier rankings.

MixBot traits score:

  • Common Part: 2
  • Rare Part: 5
  • Epic Part: 7
  • Glitch Part: 10
  • Unique Part: 10

Multiplier rankings:

  • Class 1 (12–19 Mixscore): +25 MXM
  • Class 2 (20–29 Mixscore): +40 MXM
  • Class 3 (30–39 Mixscore): +50 MXM
  • Class 4 (40–49 Mixscore): +140 MXM
  • Class 5 (50–59 Mixscore): +625 MXM
  • Class 6 (60 Mixscore): +6250 MXM

This bonus is based on each MixBot getting a score for each of its parts based on rarity. For example, an all-common MixBot has a Mixscore of 12 (2 Common Part Score x 6 traits) and gets a +25 MXM multiplier while an all-unique or Glitch MixBot has a Mixscore of 60 (10 Glitch Part Score x 6 traits) and gets a 6250 MXM multiplier.

Time to flash your diamond hands, look the Crypto haters in the face, and Flip Web2!

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