MixMob Raiders Are Taking Over the Subdomain

3 min readAug 8, 2022


MixMob Raiders give holders a new character and look into the future of UGC

Seven months after selling out our Gen0 Mask collection, the MixMob team is extremely excited to introduce MixMob Raiders as our second drop and the first collection released on the MixLab Remix Editor!

As of today, Gen0 Mask holders can visit http://mixlab.mixmob.io and claim their unique Raider. This new set of characters represents the look and lifestyle in the upcoming game MixMob: Racer 1, illustrating how players in the MixMob universe compete around racing, raiding, and remixing. Not only that, MixMob Raiders are delivered through an innovative method that shows the future potential of NFTs.

Since MixMob sold out its first drop of 5,000 Gen0 Masks in December 2021, holders have been waiting to see what their characters in-game will look like. One of the features of Gen0 Masks is access to future special drops and the potential of remixing their NFTs. With the release of the MixMob Raiders, holders can finally see how both come together.

The future of Remixing and User-Generated Content

MixMob Raiders give Gen0 Mask holders a new look for their Masks along with clothing and accessories to match the art design unveiled earlier with the MixMob Summer campaign. The release of these Raiders conveys to holders the feeling of Masking Up! and going to battle. This means racing for money, raiding The Surface, or remixing items to sell. Raiders are what every MixMob member aspires to be.

Releasing the new collection through the MixLab Remix Editor also allows the project to take a major step toward its goal of User-Generated Content. The tech team was able to take the metadata of Gen0 Masks and match them one for one to a brand new art style while maintaining all rarities. In the future, holders will also be able to remix their Masks the same way while maintaining the core style of MixMob.

“MixMob Raiders are the next step towards the release of our game, MixMob: Racer 1. The art style introduced by Sergio Navajas last month is now reflected in the NFTs our community has been holding,” says Simon Vieira, CEO of MixMob. “With this delivery via the MixLab, we are giving our community a glimpse of what User-Generated Content can be like in our ecosystem.”

Securing your Raider

For the first time ever, Gen0 Mask holders can enter the MixLab and reveal their Raider, a unique PFP that they can swap between any time they want to flex a new style. One NFT, two pieces of art. Here’s how to claim yours:

  1. Enter the MixLab at http://mixlab.mixmob.io.
  2. Connect your SOL wallet.
  3. Scan your Mask. If you don’t have a Gen0 Mask, you can purchase one on Magic Eden.
  4. Reveal your Raider!

The first 100 people to make their MixMob Raider their Twitter PFP and Tweet their new art (tagging @MixMobOrigin) will be entered into a draw for $500 USDC!

In the next phase of the game, you will return to the MixLab to begin your Raider’s quest to acquire a MixBot. Only with a MixBot is your Raider able to compete in Racer 1 to earn rewards and become a MixMob Champion.

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