MIXMOB Masks: Factions & Rarities

5 min readNov 20, 2021

In Mixmob.
You need a mask to play the game.

Every mask will tell its own story.

Who are you going to be?
And what story will you tell?

5,000 Mask Drop

In the lead up to our first official 5K mask drop, we wanted to give you all a bit more insight into our mask types, mask elements and the rarity classes in the game.


To play MIXMOB you need a mask. This is not just a pfp. Your MIXMOB mask is your unique identity in the game. Anonymous, yet accountable. A mutable NFT that evolves as you level up on your journey through our universe.

Masks are generated from around 200+ individual components, lovingly hand crafted by our lead artists Robotsoda and Mr Kone + collaborators.

They include 2D, 3D, sketches, stickers, candy, pop culture, art, music, science…. all the bits and pieces of culture we managed to grab in the seconds it took for the A.I. to delete everything. All remixed by generative algorithm.

Our 5K drop is the just beginning of our journey. We are launching our NFT mask sale to spread awareness and let the community contribute to our growth.

We will be announcing our pre-sale date very shortly.
To take part — join our
MIXMOB Discord.

Mask Attributes

Each MIXMOB mask is made up of 8 components:
Ears. Eyes. Nose. Mouth. Accessory. Face. Body. Background.
Components are also organized by rarity (more on that below) and will be given individual values for uniqueness.

The 5 Animal Factions

Our first generation OG masks are made of the following 5 factions.
Pig. Cat. Dog. Bull. And, of course, Ape.

These factions will be completely remixed during the drop.
The odds of dropping a complete pig, for example, will be extremely, extremely low.

And this doesn’t account for the rarity classes yet.
The odds of you dropping a full golden ape.
Will be pure insanity.


Speaking of rarity. Once we took stock of everything we saved, we organised all our stuff into the following three categories:
MIX ‘n MATCH, RANDOM MATTER, and of course, GOLD.

Here’s how they break down in terms of rarity:


These are made of all the 2D common / uncommon bits and pieces we managed to scramble together.


We found a bunch of 3D stuff too. Since they were harder to smuggle into THE SUBDOMAIN. They are rarer to mint, too.

3. GOLD— Rarity: Legendary

Classic store of value. We grabbed what we could when we headed underground. Gold, as you can imagine, is hard to come by.

Pro tip >> As an incentive to take part in the first 5K drop. We are making gold less rare. You know, in the spirit of being early culture miners. 👀


This is totally unconfirmed breaking news. But…
We’ve been seeing some very unusual things since the A.I did what it did. Reports suggest that there may be a mythical rarity affecting our masks. Again, it’s all speculation. Our top people are on it right now and we will update you as soon as we have more news. There’s a feeling it could be important….

If anyone has any information on this please don’t hesitate to contact any of our crew.

Next UP in the MIXMOB community!

  • Pre-sale OG mask competition and winners announced.
  • Official pre-sale date announcement — finally ✊🔥!
  • Top NFT community collabs
  • Game art and UI teasers
  • And much much more….




MIXMOB is a play to earn game powered by Solana. Beginning with a Card Strategy and Battle Racing Game, level up on your journey to the full MMO experience. In MIXMOB you are your avatar. As you progress with your MixBots and NFT collections, the world will recognize the power of your avatar both in the game world and real world.

MixMob is developed by a veteran group of gaming professionals who worked on Halo, FIFA, Pokerstar, Nintendo and more.

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