MixBots unleashed in World Clash tournament, MixMob’s $5000 prize pool invitational

4 min readOct 4, 2023

The world’s top MixBot racers compete for a $5000 prize pool in the biggest event in robot racing.

Our biggest season yet is coming to a close! MixBots are racing in-game, our tournament turnouts reached record highs, our Token Design is live, and more than 10M SUD$ are staked in the MixLab. But hold on, there’s one more surprise in the pipeline — the grand finale. Raiders, it’s time for MixMob World Clash!

Throughout Season 0+, we’ve been discreetly airdropping MixBots to our most dedicated Raiders. To secure an invite to the World Clash invitational, you needed to demonstrate that you deserved a MixBot AND deserved your status as one of the Subdomain’s top racers.

On October 14th at 7AM PT, the best Raiders and Content Creators in Web3 will face off in the first event of its kind. Here’s what you need to know about MixMob World Clash.

Event Details

MixMob World Clash will be leaderboard-style, meaning the goal is to accumulate as many wins as possible in the 120-minute window. World Clash will take place October 14 from 7AM — 9AM PT | 10PM — 12 AM SGT.

Join us for the pre-party 30 minutes before on live.mixmob.io for a live art demonstration and contest!


Meet your MixMob World Clash racers!

  1. Yellow Panther
  2. Qosbli
  3. Beefbasted
  4. Ercalote
  5. Gosutrader
  6. Waldo
  7. DataCore
  8. Sanjay
  9. Jonnel
  10. Burnout
  11. Coder
  12. Margarette
  13. Waltexop
  14. Refu
  15. Cinc0DeMayo
  16. SergeiR
  17. iBuyTops
  18. Kobe
  19. Ramen Cash
  20. i64
  21. I.G.R
  22. Zyrick
  23. ReconOne
  24. Raiden
  25. Excel
  26. Piefly
  27. BillAndrew
  28. Ngao Du
  29. Bankai
  30. Treki
  31. Maddox
  32. Avocado Guild racer TBD (Qualifier Friday, Oct 13).
  33. Avocado Guild racer TBD (Qualifier Friday, Oct 13).
  34. Avocado Guild racer TBD (Qualifier Friday, Oct 13).


Players will compete for over $5000 in prizes, including $1665 USDC, 1665 SUD$, and 1665 MXM. In addition to the prize pool, participants will receive one ticket for every win. These tickets will go into a raffle for a Level 4 MixBot (the highest chance of unlocking legendary traits). Two more racers will win 5000 SUD$ each.

The prize pool breakdown is as follows:

1st Place:

  • USDC: $155
  • SUD$: 15,500
  • MXM: $155 worth

2nd Place:

  • USDC: $125
  • SUD$: 12,500
  • MXM: $125 worth

3rd Place:

  • USDC: $100
  • SUD$: 10,000
  • MXM: $100

4th Place:

  • USDC: $85
  • SUD$: 8,500
  • MXM: $85 worth

5th-8th Place (each):

  • USDC: $60
  • SUD$: 6,000
  • MXM: $60 worth

9th-16th Place (each):

  • USDC: $50
  • SUD$: 5,000
  • MXM: $50 worth

17th-24th Place (each):

  • USDC: $40
  • SUD$: 4,000
  • MXM: $40 worth

25th-34th Place (each):

  • USDC: $30
  • SUD$: 3,000
  • MXM: $30 worth

Non-Mask Qualifier

There are loads of new faces in the community lately, and we realize that some of our dedicated tournament participants don’t yet have a Mask.

Because we want everyone to have the chance to compete in World Clash, we will be holding a Qualifier Tournament for non-Mask holders on October 11. The top 3 racers in the tournament will secure an invite to World Clash along with the following prizes:

  • 1st Place: Glitch Mask, MixBot, 1000 SUD$
  • 2nd Place: Rare Mask, MixBot, 500 SUD$
  • 3rd Place: Mask, MixBot, 250 SUD$

Come for the show, stay for the prizes

For our Raiders who won’t make the World Clash bracket, don’t worry, there will be many opportunities to win prizes during the massive event. Join us on October 14 to watch the tournament live, stake SUD$ on the biggest content creators in Web3, and win raffles for big prizes. Everyone who attends the event will be awarded Incentivized Beta points that can be exchanged for MXM tokens in our token launch! Watch our Art Team with commentary from Robotsoda do a live art demonstration.

The vibes will be high. Stay tuned for the bracket and don’t miss your chance to compete for a spot in our Non-Mask Qualifier. Join us on Discord tomorrow at 9AM PT to chat with the crew and ask your questions.

For the latest news on MixMob World Clash and more, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord.




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