MixMob Unveils its Token Design and Staking Program

6 min readSep 13, 2023

MixMob unleashes Turbo Arenas, a new way for Raiders to turbocharge their SUD$ rewards in the universe.

If you’ve been tuning into our AMAs and live events lately (and if you want a MixBot, we know you have been!), then you know we recently rolled out our Incentivized Beta. This groundbreaking program invites players to participate in all the game modes that Racer 1 offers and collect tangible rewards. These rewards will transfer into MXM during our future token launch.

Today, we enter the next stage of Incentivized Beta by revealing two highly requested features — our Token Design and SUD$ Staking!

The summary below is a high-level look at our Token Design. You can find all the features detailed here in our Player Guide.

MixMob Token Design

Our crypto gaming ecosystem allows players to compete for crypto through competitive gameplay, and then compound their winnings to further increase their rewards. This system attracts more players and benefits token holders.


The MixMob universe is powered by two tokens: MXM and SUD$.

  • MXM: The governance token to operate the league and incentivize players to race, buy premium items, participate in Turbo Arenas, and use various DeFi methods to collect more.
  • SUD$: The in-game currency that is used to collect winnings, buy items, and participate in gameplay mechanics.

In addition to collecting tokens by winning races, players can participate by holding tokens for the following reasons:

  1. Revenue sharing — Receive part of the revenues collected by MixMob.
  2. Referral rewards — Bring in players to your Arenas and collect SUD$ and MXM.
  3. Governance — Shape the future and rules of the League, Turbo Arenas, and Crews.

Introducing Turbo Arenas & Pit Boosts

Racer 1 Turbo Arenas are where players compete. In the token economy, they are MixMob’s version of liquidity pools and offer the following features:

Arena Revenues

Turbo Arenas generate revenue in the following ways:

  • Entry fees — Each time a player enters a race, they pay a fee, of which 10% goes to MixMob.
  • Betting fees — When spectators bet on racers, 5% goes to MixMob.

Racing in Turbo Arenas

Players challenge players in Turbo Arenas for crypto. All Turbo Arenas have entry fees, paid in SUD$ or MXM, from which 10% rake goes to MixMob.

The design of these Turbo Arenas ensures an economy where players must either use or buy SUD$ or MXM to continue to participate. This economy supports player skills, the excitement of revenue sharing, and a say in the Arena’s future.

Betting in Turbo Arenas

Players can place SUD$ or MXM bets on other racers on live streams in our Watch & Bet feature. MixMob takes a 10% rake, 5% for MixMob’s treasury, and 5% for the winner of the race.

Sweepstakes in Turbo Arenas

Each month, a portion of the Arena Pool goes into a monthly sweepstakes pool, giving all racers in Turbo Arenas another chance to win tokens.

Staking in Turbo Arenas

Stake your SUD$ and MXM in Turbo Arenas to claim a portion of the Arena revenues. Boost your tokens by staking additional MXM, collecting yields in SUD$, and compounding your tokens.

Pit Boosts

Collect special NFT Pit Boosts when your Turbo Arena tops the Leaderboard. These Pit Boosts are special NFTs that give gameplay effects. The bigger the liquidity provided, the more powerful the boost. Trade or sell them!

Turbo Arenas Leaderboards & Referrals

Turbo Arenas compete against each other based on overall performance, winnings, and MXM staking.

  • Monthly leaderboards offer high rewards, and the winning Arena splits the rewards among its members.
  • Arenas incentivize players from other Arenas to join them by offering better rewards, governance privileges, or exclusive content.
  • Players staking in Arenas have a motivation to promote their chosen Arena. Each successful referral grants the player extra SUD$ and MXM, which they can either stake or utilize in-game. The referral gets a bonus reward for their first Arena.

Turbo Arenas Governance with MXM

In Turbo Arenas, MXM stakers govern rules and rewards. They can suggest league changes based on the total MXM staked. Exclusive Arena customization is available for players who meet prerequisites like owning MixMob Masks, MixBots, and MXM, to set rules, stakes, tracks, and rewards.

For details on the utility and mechanics of Masks and MixBots, see our Player Guide.

Total collections potential in one year from initial SUD$ entry is 10X SUD$

SUD$ Staking is live — compound your tokens!

Today, we unleash Turbo Arenas V1 with SUD$ Staking. This limited-time feature lives in the Staking section of the MixLab and allows you to compound your reward every minute your SUD$ are staked.

What you need to know:

  • Each Season, MixMob will allocate a percentage of SUD$ “Reward Pool” to the overall Staking Pool of each Arena. This season the Reward Pool is 300,000 SUD$ to our first Arena.
  • The “Staking Pool” is the total amount of SUD$ being staked by community members.
  • Players receive SUD$ rewards through emissions based on their proportionate amount of staked SUD$ compared to the overall Staking Pool.

The staking period ends either when the reward pool is fully consumed or on November 1, 2023.

For more details on SUD$ Staking and how it works, see our Player Guide. Enter the MixLab to stake your SUD$ and start collecting!


MixMob’s token mechanics create a flywheel that benefits players and drives more players to its game

  • Players collect more tokens by playing and bringing in new recruits.
  • New Turbo Arenas offer higher APYs or different benefits to attract players.
  • Competition among Arena stakers intensifies as more players join.
  • Players can create their Turbo Arenas by staking MixMob assets.

Future Growth

MixMob’s future plans for expansion include:

  • Altcoins Integration: Allowing various cryptocurrencies to join the Arenas, attracting diverse communities and enabling the creation of Turbo Arenas for different currencies.
  • Racing Crews: Forming teams based on specific game assets (Gen0 Mask, Glitch MixBots, Factions, etc.) and player-defined criteria. Players stake MXM to establish a Crew, collaborate to win rewards, and distribute them proportionally to each member’s stake.
  • Themed Tracks & Boosts: Special tracks and boosts introduced during holidays or events, featuring unique rewards and gameplay mechanics to boost player engagement.
  • Turbo Arenas as NFTs: Stakers gain the ability to create and propose modifications to fees, rewards, and other parameters within Turbo Arenas, impacting the Arena’s economy. These modified Arenas can then be sold or transferred to other players as NFTs.

For the latest on MXM, Staking, MixBots, and more, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord.




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