The Wait Is Over — MixMob: Racer 1 Launches Globally on Mobile!

5 min readMay 14, 2024

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here! MixMob: Racer 1 is now live on mobile platforms worldwide. Get ready to race MixBots, strategize, and win crypto — anywhere, anytime.

Download MixMob: Racer 1 Now:


Join the 15,000,000 SUD$ (1.5M MXM) airdrop JUST for downloading the app from May 14 — May 21!

Compete for your share of 3,000,00 SUD$ (300K MXM) in our biweekly leaderboards.

Play MixMob: Racer 1 and progress through Season 1 missions to earn LFG City MixBot Parts, Masks, and a portion of our 1,500,000 SUD$ (150K MXM) prize pool.

New Season, New Gear!

Season 1 brings you the freshest Masks, MixBots, and much more! Are you ready to elevate your game with the latest gear and win crypto? Read along.

Welcome to LFG City

Enter LFG City, a battleground for our fight against Helix-9, where every street and mural tells a story of resistance and reclaimed freedom. Join the MixMob, gear up your MixBot, and help us take back what we’ve lost.

Chapter 2: The Awakening of LFG City — Birth of the Street MixBots & Masks

The first Street MixBots and Masks are coming to life, crafted from bits of The Great Delete. These are more than machines — they’re symbols of our fight.

Early Access Rewards (April 25 — May 13):

  • $10K sweepstakes entry
  • Care Package with MixBots Parts and Loot


Thank you to everyone who participated in the MixMob: Racer 1 launch early access! Winners will receive their $10,000 USDC prizes within two weeks of the launch. Check your registered email for notification and further details.

All participants who download the game using the instructions provided will qualified for the bonus care package to enhance your gaming experience. Please ensure your registration and login emails match to secure your eligibility for all prizes.

Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for being part of our community!

Chapter 3: The Rallying Call — Mass Mobilization

The app is live! Every download and every new member brings us one step closer to reclaiming our culture. Download now, rally your friends, and claim your rewards.

App Pre-orders, Launch & Downloads (May 7 — May 21):

  • Join the 15,000,000 SUD$ (1.5M MXM) airdrop for pre-ordering and downloading the app
  • Earn SUD$ for each friend referred

Chapter 4: The Urban Quests — Reclaiming the City

Our city hides secrets waiting to be uncovered. Take on missions to race, hack, and collect. Each mission brings us closer to taking back LFG City and rewards you with loot and MixBot parts.

Play Missions (May 14 — Aug 7):

  • Play MixMob: Racer 1 and progress through Season 1 missions to claim your LFG City MixBot Parts, Masks and a part of our 1,500,000 SUD$ (150K MXM) pool.

Build Your LFG City MixBot with Parts

  • As you play, you’ll collect the parts necessary to assemble your own MixBot. Each LFG City MixBot is made up of 6 distinct parts: Face, Top Body, Shoulders, Arms, Bottom Body and Legs. Here’s how you can build different tiers of MixBots:
  • Common MixBot: Collect 250 of each part (Face, Top Body, Shoulders, Arms, etc.) to mint a Common LFG City MixBot.
  • Rare MixBot: Gather 400 of each part
  • Epic MixBot: Accumulate 800 of each part
  • Legendary MixBot: Assemble 1600 of each part to mint the most coveted Legendary LFG City MixBot.
  • Remix MixBot: create your own MixBot by mixing and matching different tier parts rarities.
  • Each tier not only enhances your gameplay but also stands as a testament to your skill and dedication in LFG City. Start your mission today, collect MixBot parts, and bring your MixBot to life!

Chapter 5: The Competitors’ Arena — Rise of the Champions

The streets are not just battlefields — they are where champions are made. Compete in the leaderboards, sharpen your skills, and strengthen your MixBot.

Leaderboards (May 14 — Aug 7):

  • Compete for your share of 300K MXM in our biweekly leaderboards

Chapter 6: The Final Clash — The Battle for LFG City

It all comes down to this — the final clash where the top raiders take the stage. This is our last stand to push back Helix-9 and revive our city’s culture.

MixMob World Clash (May 30 — June 22):

  • Fight in a tournament with a $20,000 prize pool

Stages of World Clash:

  • Pre-Qualifiers: May 30 — June 9
  • Qualifiers: June 15
  • Finals: June 22

Everyone who competes will enter a raffle for big prizes (every win = 1 entry)

Additional Rewards and Features

  • MXM Staking: Up to 350K MXM
  • Complete Stickers Collection: Up to 120K MXM
  • NFT Staking: 300K MXM
  • More referrals: 500K MXM

New Features :

  • New Stickers, MixBots, Masks
  • Glitch Pods with NFTs (now you can win Stickers, SUD$, Parts, MixBots, Masks, and other NFTs inside of our Glitch Pods by playing in our Phantom Trial Arena.)

Coming later this season:

  • In-game shop
  • 4-player games

New Website:

Discover the New MixMob: Racer 1 with Our Stunning Trailer and Revamped Website! To celebrate this launch, we’ve unveiled a new trailer that captures the essence of the game’s action. With over 1M views across our social media channels, it is a must-watch! Visit our completely redesigned website to explore more about the game, get the latest updates, and download the app!




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