Star Wars: New Hope Stormtrooper Coming to MixMob

3 min readFeb 29, 2024

Who are some of the most famous masked anons? The Original Stormtroopers from Star Wars: A New Hope. We are excited to announce our first IP license to be part of MixMob. The global iconic character will be NFTs to be used in all our games, starting with MixMob: Racer 1.

“Integrating the Original Stormtrooper into MixMob fulfills a dream shared by game developers worldwide. We want to see players form teams and factions that rally under the Stormtrooper banner and face-off against each other in our Turbo Arenas.” — Simon Vieira, CEO

Web3 Integration & Innovation

The introduction of the Stormtrooper is more than just adding a character, it’s about innovation. Players will experience true digital ownership through NFTs, to ensure authenticity and uniqueness. Our Stormtrooper NFTs are not just collectibles — they represent a new hope in gaming where players have real stakes, gameplay and ownership.

Engaging the Star Wars: New Hope Community

We’re not just integrating a character, we’re embracing a legacy. Our plans include special events and collaborations that resonate with fans around the world. We aim to create a space where fans can create and celebrate their passion while experiencing the benefits of Web3 gaming.

Unique Gameplay

Our Stormtrooper integration brings cutting-edge technical innovations. We’ve crafted unique gameplay mechanics, offering an immersive experience that’s as authentic as it is exciting. Players can expect new gameplay and modes that are exclusive to the Web3 space.

Market Positioning & Differentiation

MixMob stands apart in the web3 gaming space. The Stormtrooper integration is not just about nostalgia — it’s a testament to our commitment to blending pop culture with innovative gaming experiences inside of a remix culture universe. This sets a new standard in the market, offering players something they won’t find elsewhere and unique utility to MXM.

Community & Rewards

We’re incentivizing players to dive deep into the Stormtrooper experience. From exclusive rewards to special competitions, we’re making sure that engagement with these NFTs is rewarding and fun. Community events will allow players to showcase their collections and compete in unique challenges.

Our Long-term Vision

The Stormtrooper is just the beginning. Our vision for MixMob includes continuous updates, new licenses, and evolving content to keep the game fresh and exciting. We’re building a sustainable, ever-evolving universe that adapts to the needs and desires of our players.

Join Us on This Adventure

As we prepare to release our Stormtrooper products in 2024 for the official release of MixMob: Racer 1 on mobile, we invite you to join us in this revolutionary journey. While our doors are open to everyone, holders of MXM, Gen0 Masks, and Gen0 MixBots will get priority access. Claim your piece of cinematic history and become part of the revolution.

Crafted by renowned prop maker Andrew Ainsworth in 1976, the Original Stormtrooper debuted in the first installment of the now globally recognized franchise, setting the standard for intergalactic warfare aesthetics. Unique to the initial film, the design’s exclusivity has fuelled its desirability among aficionados and collectors, positioning it as a coveted treasure in the realm of memorabilia.

This first acquisition is the start of MixMob’s official licensing strategy, where we plan to secure three additional licenses in 2024. Prior to MixMob, Simon Vieira and Pavel Bains successfully acquired licenses for Peanuts, Warner Bros Kids, DreamWorks, and various others. Having that experience was beneficial here and it solidifies our position for future collaborations and advancements.

We’re not just playing games. We’re making history.

Welcome to MixMob. Remix Everything.

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