Official Universe Trailer Premier

It’s with great excitement that we can finally present our Official MixMob Universe Trailer! We hope you enjoy this look into our next phase of visual conceptualization, and the first glimpse of MixMob: Uprising, our Card Strategy Racing Game. The team has been working overtime to release this to the world, with a special thanks to Art Director Juan Arenas and Game Director Carina Kom.

MixMob: Uprising, Alpha release April 2022

Our Card Strategy Battle Game is the first arcade element that will eventually be a keystone of the MixMob metaverse. Our unique battle game interweaves card strategy with racing, a game of both skill and strategy; think of it as Clash Royale meets Mario Kart.

You can take a deep dive into the production phase of the card gameplay, visual, design and UI requirements in our Litepaper.

We are extremely excited about this next wave of game production. Stay tuned for MixMob: Uprising Alpha release in April 2022! Until then, visit our website, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord for the latest on MixMob.



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