MixMob’s top racers face off for the Alpha Champion title in upcoming Champion Cup Tournament

2 min readApr 11


On Saturday, April 15th, the 11 best Raiders from Alpha V2 and V3 will face off for SUD$, glory, and the coveted Alpha Champion title.

After a year of MixMob: Racer 1 Alpha, the time has come to celebrate the Raiders that shined the brightest and raced the hardest over the last 12 months. The winner of the Alpha Cup Championship will take the Alpha Champion title and go down in MixMob history, proving there’s more on the line than the impressive 69,000 SUD$ prize pool.

In addition to receiving 10,000 SUD$ and a commemorative Alpha Champion Digital Collectible, the winner will also go up against our top racers from Beta for the Racer-1 title.

Tournament details

The Champion Cup will take place in Neolympus on Saturday, April 15th at 6AM PT | 1PM GMT.

The betting lounge will be open for the duration of the tournament. Come wager SUD$ and spectate to earn tokens, and speculate on who the winner will be with your fellow Raiders.

You can enter the betting lounge at this link when the competition begins.

Meet your racers

Please congratulate your Alpha Cup Championship racers for making it to the final:

  • 1st seed — NFA | Priveleg
  • 2nd seed — Qosbli
  • 3rd seed — BeefBasted
  • 4th seed — Gosutrader
  • 5th seed — WaLtExOp
  • 6th seed — ercalote
  • 7th seed — artdra
  • 8th seed — ReconOne |
  • 9th seed — DmitryStan
  • 10th seed — 竹本无心
  • 11th seed — Ghie Cruz


  • Your Alpha Cup Champion will receive a commemorative Digital Collectible to flex in-game, automatic entry into the Beta Cup Champion Tournament, and 10,000 SUD$
  • 2nd Place: 9,000 SUD$
  • 3rd Place: 8,000 SUD$
  • 4th Place: 7,000 SUD$
  • 5th Place: 6,000 SUD$
  • 6th-10th Place: 5,000 SUD$
  • 11th Place: 4,000 SUD$

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