MixMob’s Public Sale: Time to Ape In!

3 min readJan 11, 2024

We’re excited to announce the public sale of our exclusive MixBot & MXM Token Packages! Endorsed by over 70 key opinion leaders and supported by industry leaders like G2 Esports, Solana, and many more, this is your chance to make a mark in crypto gaming.

Sale Opens: Jan 11, 9:20 AM PST / 5 PM GMT Price: $250 per package, including 1 MixBot and MXM tokens worth $250. Payment: SOL (Ensure you have 0.01 SOL for gas)

Location: https://magiceden.io/launchpad/mixmob_mixbot_capsules

Sale Phases:

Phase 1 — Guaranteed: Jan 11, 9:20 AM PST, 500 Packages, Max 5 per wallet, 10% MXM bonus for 3+ Packages.

Phase 2 — FCFS WL 10% Bonus: Jan 11, 10:20 AM PST, 1,000 Packages, Max 10 per wallet.

Phase 2.5 — FCFS WL (New): Jan 11, 10:45 AM PST, 2,000 Packages, Max 10 per wallet. A special phase for those who’ve been active on our socials and Discord.

Phase 3: Jan 11, 11:45 AM PST, Remaining Packages, Max 10 per wallet.

Don’t Miss Out: If you’re new to MixMob or missed the WL, you can still secure your MXM. Options include Phase 3 purchase, buying a Capsule or MixBot on Magic Eden, playing MixMob: Racer 1, or joining our email list for updates and an exclusive MXM airdrop.

MixBots Perks:

  • Playable characters in-game.
  • MXM Airdrops & Bonuses.
  • Faction membership.
  • Staking opportunities.
  • Priority access to future drops.
  • Exclusive tournaments with real prizes.

Each MixBot’s MXM bonus potency depends on its trait rarity. For instance, a common MixBot scores +25 MXM, while a unique or Glitch MixBot can score up to +6250 MXM.

Join us for this thrilling sale and become a part of the MixMob revolution!

Where To Go Next

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