MixMob x Sharky: A New Step in Interoperability & Utility for MixMob NFTs

3 min readMar 13, 2024

Big news MixMob fans! We’ve teamed up with Sharky, a leading platform where your MixMob NFTs can get you crypto loans or help you access DeFi by lending your MixMob NFTs.

Building on our major update of integrating full Solana interoperability into MixMob, we’re excited to partner with Sharky to expand what this means for our players and the wider NFT community.

Sharky NFT Holders, Mad Lads, and others joining soon will get to experience all the perks of our Solana interoperability integration, gearing up for our upcoming mobile release.

This advancement is not just an update—it’s a revolution in Web3 gaming, redefining the way communities engage and interact within the MixMob universe and what MixMob NFT holders can do with their digital assets.

What’s Sharky All About?

  • Get Crypto Loans Fast: If you’ve got MixMob NFTs, Sharky lets you use them to borrow crypto instantly. Choose an NFT and get your loan in no time.
  • Earn Crypto by Lending: Want to lend out your crypto? With Sharky, you can lend it to others and earn some back.
  • Easy and User-Friendly: Sharky is all about keeping things simple. No tough calculations or tricky jargon.

Benefits for Sharky NFT Owners in MixMob:

  • Be Seen Right Away: When you race in MixMob, everyone will see your Sharky NFT. Your PFP is like your racing flag — it shows who you are and your community, whether you race alone or with friends.
  • Become a Racing Star: People will start to know you, not just as a Sharky NFT owner, but as one of the best racers in MixMob. Your PFP will be known for your racing skills.
  • Show Off Your Achievements: Your PFP is more than just a picture. It’s proof of how good you are in the game. Get known for your awesome racing moves and victories in MixMob.

Benefits for MixMob NFT Owners:

  • Quick Crypto Access: Own a MixMob NFT? You can easily turn it into crypto with Sharky.
  • More Power to Your NFTs: Your MixMob NFTs are more than just cool collectibles. Now they can help you get crypto loans.
  • Fun in the Market: Sharky makes borrowing and lending crypto fun and active.

MixMob and Sharky: Changing the Game: This partnership isn’t just another update. It’s a whole new way to use your NFTs. MixMob NFTs aren’t just for show — they’re now your ticket to explore crypto with Sharky.

Start Your Sharky x MixMob Journey: Ready to jump into Sharky with your MixMob NFTs? It’s a fresh and simple way to handle crypto using your digital assets. Whether you need some crypto or want to participate in DeFi by lending, Sharky and MixMob are here to make it happen in a fun way.

Ready to Try? Jump into Sharky with your MixMob NFTs! It’s a new and easy way to deal with crypto using your NFTs. Whether you need some crypto or want to try DeFi, we’ve got you covered.

Welcome to the exciting world of NFTs and interoperability with Sharky and MixMob!

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