MixMob World Clash: The Ultimate Competition of Top MixBot Racers for a $5,000 Prize Pool

4 min readMar 23, 2024

The world’s top MixBot racers compete for a $5000 prize pool in the biggest event in robot racing.

MixMob World Clash is a leading esports event where the top robot racers meet to compete! In this exciting event for MixMob: Racer 1, racers compete for amazing prizes like USDC, MXM tokens, NFTs, partner rewards, and the grand prize — a $5000 prize pool.

Top contenders in MixMob: Racer 1 battle it out in a leaderboard-style tournament, not just for glory but to catapult awareness of MixMob Esports, our partners, and the whole Web3 gaming community.

The stakes are sky-high. Get ready to witness a new era of competitive gaming! Plus, you can join the excitement on our streaming platform:


Where you can chat with the community, snag over $2,000 in rewards, and stake on your favorite racers. Don’t just watch the race — be a part of the action!

On March 23rd at 8 AM PT, the best Raiders will face off in the first event of its kind. Here’s what you need to know about MixMob World Clash.

Event Details

MixMob World Clash will be leaderboard-style, meaning the goal is to accumulate as many wins as possible in the 120-minute window. World Clash will take place March 23 from 8 AM — 10 AM PT | 11 PM — 1 AM SGT.

Join us for the pre-party 30 minutes before on live.mixmob.io for a live art demonstration and contest!


Meet your MixMob World Clash racers!

  1. ercalote — Showy_Zucchini_0
  2. shanks9689 — Mighty_Chicken_19
  3. cinc0demay0 — Packaged_Sextant_99
  4. margarette12 — Amused_Incubus_67
  5. Waldo — Content_Mosquito_21
  6. pepsiko1ny — Flexible_dragon_61
  7. baddytw — Snazzy_Fam_53
  8. datacore_x — Awkward_Datacore_64
  9. laizen — Emerald_Kelpie_36
  10. pavel.zarkov — Comical_Pizza_88
  11. jonnel_ — Emerald_Fish_89
  12. nousagi4201 — Fluorite_Starship_70
  13. billa_82252 — Luminous_Quail_90
  14. hiraayyaa — Healthy_Lollipop_90
  15. CodeR — Gold_Giant_19
  16. oooooooooooooooooooohhh — Luscious_Minotaur_7
  17. bankaii0912 — Sapphire_Musicbox_58
  18. Haruka — Regal_Hunter_4
  19. SajibDeb — Mindful_Xenops_74
  20. McFly — Humble_Planet_1


Players will compete for over $5000 in prizes, including $2550 USDC, 143250 SUD$, 14325 MXM, and MixBot Capsules. In addition to the prize pool, participants will receive one ticket for every win. These tickets will go into a raffle for a Sharx NFT — the official NFT collection of Sharky, the #1 NFT lending platform on Solana.

The prize pool breakdown is as follows:

Come for the show, stay for the prizes

For our Raiders who won’t make the World Clash bracket, don’t worry. There will be many opportunities to win prizes during the massive event. Join us on March 23 to watch the tournament live, stake SUD$ on the biggest robot racers, and win raffles for big prizes. Watch our Art Team with commentary from Robotsoda do a live art demonstration.

The vibes will be high.

Join the action on live.mixmob.io to chat, win rewards, and bet on your favorite racers. Be a part of the MixMob experience!

Where To Go Next

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