MixMob: Racer 1 Alpha — What To Know

3 min readApr 11, 2022


With our Alpha set to kick off in less than two weeks(!), we wanted to address some of the questions likely to come up in the community as we get closer to launch.

At MixMob, we believe in an iterative open, and transparent process, rather than long behind-the-scenes cycles. This approach helps us create features that are community-driven and that our players will love.

What is the MixMob: Racer 1 Alpha?

Our Alpha is a vertical slice of the very early game build for limited release to our Gen0 Mask holders. It is a playable, early-access version that gives our community the opportunity to test and provide feedback on the unfinished gameplay and assets.

Why it’s important

This early-access version delivers on our promise to include our community in the building of the game we’ve all been working towards. As a result, our dev team will also collect valuable feedback that will help us create the best game possible. Our primary goals are to ensure that the game is fun, playable, and secure.

When it comes to rewarding the community, participation affords players four main benefits:

  1. Inclusivity in the game development process.
  2. The opportunity to test the first playable game build.
  3. Provides valuable feedback and suggestions that may be addressed and implemented in the next development stages.
  4. The ability to earn CDX (Culture Index Token) very early before the game goes public by providing valuable feedback, suggestions, bugs/hacks information, referrals, and engagement in discussions about the Alpha Game on social media.

As this is considered an initial build for testing, Alpha does not represent a complete game. In fact, Alpha will only have the minimum viable functionality, features, and graphics. Much of the art and many of the game objects and features will have placeholders instead of the finished assets, and generally, the game focuses on its structure and functionality.

TMP tokens

Everyone has to pay an entry fee represented in temporary in-game tokens called TMP. Due to an ongoing MixMob goal to prevent hacking, there is no value to the TMP token. They are only used to pay the Tournament entry fee to get into the first Race. TMP tokens are also a security measure — MixMob approved — to help balance future rewards once the CDX tokens roll out in a future iteration.

CDX tokens & rewards

CDX tokens will be used for multiplayer once it’s integrated into the game and will be awarded more utilities once the game progresses in its development cycle. For now, players will have the opportunity to earn CDX that will be airdropped to the players based on their engagement on social media, referrals, feedback, bugs/hacks information and suggestions on how to improve the game. On top of that, there will be CDX tokens provided as a bonus for the best performers.

At this stage in development, the Alpha game does not provide any NFTs to be earned, this functionality will be added in the next development cycles.

Player expectations & feedback

In exchange for early access to the game, we ask that players help us by:

  • Providing feedback and overall perception of the game and its core functionality.
  • Helping to debug the game by communicating the bugs to the responsible people in our feedback section of the game.
  • Leaving suggestions to tweak features or Asset/UI/UX.
  • Talking about the game and sharing your experiences with others to keep the rest of the community engaged.

Stay tuned for more info on participating in the MixMob: Racer 1 Alpha by following us on Twitter and joining our Discord.




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