MixMob Unveils New Styler Deck Ahead of its new MixMob: Racer 1 Alpha

3 min readSep 14, 2022


In MixMob it’s not just about winning, but about doing it with style. The “Styler” deck unleashes exciting new attack options for players to defeat their opponents in Racer 1, and proves that strategy and flair are key.

Ready yourselves, Raiders! On September 20th, we unveil a brand new “Styler” deck in tandem with the launch of our Alpha v2! This is the second deck to be released and the first of the Factions.

In the MixMob universe, the world has been taken over by mind-controlling bots. To battle back, we’ve captured and tamed some of these bots and turned them into sidekicks. Your deck and card strategy are critical to unleashing your bot’s powers in the race to defeat your opponent and ascend the leaderboard towards the coveted Racer 1 spot — the top racing champion of the Subdomain.

All 15 cards in the“Styler” deck have been carefully designed and rebalanced using a series of new mechanics that make Racer 1 more competitive and exciting; a card deck with a twist. With rewards on the table for MixMob’s top racers, and real tokens to earn in future gameplay, master your deck and the universe is yours for the taking.

Card mechanics

To be the best racer, you must master your deck and that of your opponent. Like the original Alpha deck, the “Styler” deck is a mix of Offensive, Defensive, Remix, and Special MixMob Cards. Within the pack lies a handful of never-before-seen cards like the Star Shot. This Offensive card launches a homing attack on your target, and it can’t be dodged. If you are the target, your best defense is to fire your own projectile backward to intercept it.

Another powerful card is the Cluster Mine, which drops three connected mines across the lanes of your opponent. If the victim hits the trap, it will explode and deal damage.

The “Styler” deck includes 13 other exciting cards. Stay tuned for a comprehensive card guide coming soon.

“The game is getting really competitive and fun with the new features — speed boosts, projectiles, new cards, alert system, rebalancing…Now, players need to be really strategic and take into consideration their health, cards, Pulses, luck and skill.” — Simon Vieira, MixMob CEO and Game Producer.

Future utility of Decks

The “Styler” deck is the first of the Factions to drop, with Boff and Tek decks to look forward to in the future. Each Faction deck packs a set of unique traits and advantages you can use to hone your strategy, and eventually help you unleash the maximum potential of your MixBots. In the future, there will be hundreds of cards in each deck to buy, trade, and sell in the marketplace, so it’s up to you to build the perfect deck.

Throughout the next 7 days, be on the lookout for new card reveals on Twitter and Discord as we push towards the Alpha v2 release of MixMob: Racer 1.




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