MixMob Universe update: Uprising, DUMs & HELIX-9

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MixMob origins

In a cyberpunk future, HELIX-9, a sentient A.I., has deleted the internet and unleashed an army of mind-control bots, or C-Bots, that have trapped each human in their own personal reality bubble. HELIX-9, a sentient A.I., has deleted the internet and unleashed an army of mind-control bots, or C-Bots, that have trapped each human in their own personal reality bubble.

Those unfortunate humans who did not escape are Driven Under Mind-Control, or DUMs as we call them. We, the MixMob, are their only hope. Our Uprising is operating from a global underground network called the Subdomain. Our mission: train our MixBots, free the DUMs, defeat HELIX-9, and retake control of reality.

Our assets

We began rebuilding our culture with 5,000 Gen0 Masks. They serve as our unique identities in the Subdomain as well as our protection against C-Bots. Masks are the sole way to identify members of the MixMob Uprising. Each Mask provides the holder with access to our community and a spot on our governance council.

Masks were generated with the 200+ components of human culture we could salvage before HELIX-9 deleted everything. They have kept us safe from C-Bots for now. But that can’t last forever….

While it appears that HELIX-9 has turned against us, the MixMob plans to fight back. It begins with us raiding the Surface and capturing C-Bots. The longer the raid, the better the chance of a C-Bot cracking our Mask and turning us into DUMs. As a result, our Masks need to be constantly remixed so we can stay one step ahead of HELIX-9’s Bots.

We can’t do this alone. We need the help of our trusted and loyal companions, the MixBots. Evolved from captured C-Bots, MixBots are a Raider’s talented sidekick and their key to racing fortune. The more we train our MixBots in underground racing Arenas, the stronger our MixBots get for the battle ahead.

What power lies within a MixBot’s racing legacy? Will more wins in the Arena translate into a rarer remixed MixBot? Only time, and our scientists within the MixLab, will tell.

But culture doesn’t create itself. Raiding and racing are but a means to an end. Remixing HELIX-9’s reality is how we will win. MixMob is putting a call out to the creatives and those who think outside the box. We need you to determine what our culture is and how we will use it to free humanity. The choice is yours.

How to earn

Building a MixBot force powerful enough to defeat HELIX-9 is a herculean task. In order to strengthen our MixBots, we must train them. A series of individual games will develop the MixBots’ skill set. For now, we rely on our global network of splinter cells to raid and disrupt the best we can. Once we are ready to take on HELIX-9, we will move into an MMO and attack.

Our first training program is MixMob: Racer 1. Calling on our memory of video game culture, MixMob: Racer 1 is a combination of the fun yet intense racing of Mario Kart and the strategic card battles of Clash Royale. This fast-paced game mode pits you 1v1 against another member of the MixMob in one of our Arenas. Armed with a deck of powerful ability cards, you must race to determine a champion. Collecting energy in the race allows you to play more powerful cards.

If racing isn’t your thing, or you just want to get a taste of the competition, you can enter the spectating lounge and either watch for fun or bet on the outcome of live races with Subdomain Dollars (SUD$), our in-game token. Wagering on the race lets you put your money where your Mask is.

SUD$ are earned through gameplay and used for all in-game transactions and bets. MixMob token (MXM) is our governance council’s token. It can also be earned in-game through SUD$ conversion, special quests, tournaments, or NFTs.

What’s next?

Developing our MixMob Uprising will take some time. While training in MixMob: Racer 1, more features like MixBot sidekicks, custom card decks, and 3D Avatars will develop. After mastering the current course, new tracks and obstacles will be released to continue our growth. Once we are strong enough, we will move to the Surface and face off with HELIX-9 to decide the fate of the human race and reality as we know it.

Our team

Taking down HELIX-9 is a daunting task, but our team of experienced leaders will show us the way. Members of our team have 15+ years of experience as game designers, creative directors, and infrastructure builders at some of the largest companies on earth, such as: Xbox, EA, Valve, Epic Games, Nike, and Universal Studios, to name a few. These fearless leaders will be our guiding light for building our army, taking back the Surface, and defeating HELIX-9. As long as they are around, we have a fighting chance to rebuild our culture.

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