MixMob Summer Update: Trailers, Teasers & More

Last month, we kicked off MixMob Summer with the launch of a new website and art style that celebrates the culture and lifestyle of MixBot racing. In this new chapter of our universe, we jump ahead to a time and place where the Subdomain is the heart of an underground MixBot racing scene. Think of everything that’s happened before this — the Great Delete, Scavenger 1’s Surface missions — as the prologue. Now, we race!

Earlier this week, a mysterious trailer was released by the MixLab; this is where we pick up the story.

Today, a more revealing teaser surfaced. It certainly doesn’t look like a Gen0 Mask, so what is it?

We can’t wait to tell you, but for now, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord for the latest updates. Stay tuned for more details next week.



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