MixMob releases informational catalog addressing its NFT Roadmap

2 min readAug 12, 2022


Our NFT Journey is here! This catalog provides everything current and future racers need to know about MixMob’s NFT Roadmap. The NFT Journey will lay out, in great detail:

  1. MixMob’s NFT Roadmap
  2. How to get started with MixMob
  3. The backstory of each phase of the NFT Roadmap
  4. Steps to acquire the NFTs in each phase of the NFT Roadmap

The NFT Journey will also function as an instruction manual for the MixLab and the apps that will soon be accessible only through the MixLab.

Your NFT handbook

We found that both veterans and newcomers to NFTs can fall into confusion when a project fails to help them navigate through the landscape. Our NFT Journey lays out the required information in a fun, but organized way.

“Most people existing in the NFT space end up getting Rekt because there is not enough information out there from the project relating to their plans and roadmap. Instead relying on influencers who are looking for exit liquidity,” says Jason Naparstek, MixMob Community Experience Designer and Interactive Story Lead. “The NFT Journey is our way to supply our community with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions regarding their own NFT Journey within the MixMob universe.”

Getting started with the NFT Journey is easy! Just click this link and you are there. Race over to it now and you will be racing, raiding, and remixing before you know it.

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