MixMob: Racer 1 Alpha V3 Recap

5 min readMar 4, 2023

One month, 776 bets, and 451,980 SUD$ later, MixMob: Racer 1 Alpha V3 came to a close last week in the finale of our End of Alpha tournament. With the introduction of SUD$, Watch & Bet mode, and 24/7 Multiplayer, it was without a doubt our most exciting and competitive Alpha yet. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights that defined Alpha V3.

During the five-week run, Raiders in 80 different countries from every corner of the globe came to Mask Up! and race. The Philippines had the most players from any country, followed by Brazil, and the United States. Here are some other interesting stats:

  • There were 3,585 total tournaments entered.
  • 776 bets were placed with a total of 38,800 SUD$.
  • 72% of you favored the Alpha Deck.

Card balancing adjustments

As our dev team is focused on our next big release, there were minimal changes made to the game between the start and end of Alpha V3. That said, in its final week, we implemented some card adjustments with an emphasis on Speed Cards. The goal was to make Speed Cards feel more impactful by increasing the duration of their effects by 1 second and allowing players to feel that speed of momentum.

In addition, we made a change that reduced the opening stun gambit strategy users performed by increasing the cost of Stun Collision cards to a minimum of 3. That means they can’t be used immediately at the start of a race.

Other changes included reducing the cost of Deployable cards since they are less likely to hit with their reduced width. The Bandage card in the Alpha Deck was also rebalanced to be more HP and higher cost. Since it’s the only Health card in its deck, 15 HP was too low to make it worthwhile.

Here is the new card-by-card balance breakdown:


  • HP 15>40*
  • Pulse 1>2

Rocket Blast

  • Speed Boost Duration: 1.5s > 2.5s

Hyper Wings

  • Speed Boost Duration: 1.5s > 2.5s
  • Pulse Cost: 2 > 3

Signal Boost

  • Speed Boost Duration: 1s > 2s


  • Speed Boost Duration: 1.5s > 2s
  • Pulse Cost: 2 > 3


  • Speed Boost Duration: 1s > 2s / 1.5s > 2.5s / 2.5s > 3

Buffer Mine

  • Pulse Cost: 4 > 3


  • Pulse Cost: 4 > 3

Future card considerations

Thanks to your feedback (and our own experiences in the game), we are also considering rebalancing Shield and Health cards in the Alpha Deck, as it has an imbalance of Shield cards compared to Health Cards.

When the Tek and Boff Decks are released, tuning will continue to change. Deck Lists will be reorganized so this pass is more focused on the mid-term.

Phantom Trial Arena


We are happy to report that we ran into no major issues with Solana throughout all of Alpha V3. The two biggest challenges we faced were in relation to bugs and player liquidity.


Our biggest bug-related priorities coming out of V3 are fixing those that interfere with gameplay. If you spent enough time in the Arena, chances are you encountered the bug that prevented you from being able to collect pulse pips. The other bug we are focusing on is the mysterious case of the disappearing cards.

Player Liquidity

With Multiplayer open 24/7, it was a challenge at times to keep the Arena stacked with enough players to match with at any given time. At our current stage in development, this isn’t unexpected. Luckily, the Crew was more than happy to jump in the Arena and battle to the finish line against the rest of our Raiders.

We also faced player liquidity challenges in the betting lounge. Since you need at least one person betting on each player for the bet to be accepted, there were many instances, especially at the beginning of Alpha, where the bet would be returned. To mitigate this, we held our End of Alpha tournament and opened our betting lounge and streaming windows for the duration of the competition (and gave away some bonus prizes to spectators).

As the game improves and momentum builds, player liquidity will become less of an issue.

Neolympus Arena

Community highlights & feedback

Between logging bugs, referring friends, and most importantly, playing the game, we can’t thank you enough for your part in making MixMob: Racer 1 Alpha V3 a success. One ambitious Raider even entered the Arena 148 times — that’s more than 7 hours in the Arena! Hero status to you, my friend.

When it came to overall Leaderboard ranking, player ercalote took the top spot with an impressive 290 wins! In second place, we had Subdomain legend WaLtExOp with 206 victories, and ReconOne breezed into third with 157 wins.

The award for most referrals goes to IcemanCrypto who invited 43 friends Alpha V3. For everyone who participated in our Referral Program, make sure to join our Discord live next Thursday when we do our raffles!

We also launched our Bug Bounty Program which was a huge success. By the end of V3, we had awarded $5,000 in USDC and 1M SUD$ to community members who helped us repro hard-to-find bugs.

When it comes to the overall community sentiment around Alpha V3, here’s what our community rated the game out of 5:

  • Game Experience — 4.5
  • Card Experience — 4.5
  • Racing Experience — 4.4
  • Spectating/Betting Experience — 4.4
  • Overall Rating — 4.46

The median for each category is 5 stars, so we can conclude that over half of all ratings were 5/5!

“Knowing how much time I have to spend on other games, I don’t even turn them on. The gameplay of MixMob is very addictive.” — MixMob community member

Climb The Ladder

We wrapped up Alpha V3 by launching The Ladder, the next stage in the journey! With our new social Leaderboard, you get rewarded and climb the ranks just by completing quests and engaging in the MixMob universe. This season of The Ladder, we are giving away more than $10,000 USDC and 1 million SUD$ in prizes!

Learn how you can win up to $2650 USDC, 1:1 Masks, 265K SUD$, and more right here.

What’s next

While you’re busy climbing The Ladder, we are working hard on the next phase of game development. With our beta coming up in mid-April, you can look forward to major upgrades like a new Deck, a total card redesign, and the opening of The Vendor…more details coming soon.

Until then, stay focused on the task at hand: waking up DUMs* and getting the word of MixMob out to the world. It’s time to prove yourself, Raiders!

Stay tuned for details on our March Madness tournament and our Champion Cup that will kick off beta!

For all the latest quests, contests, and more, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord.

*A DUM is a slang term for someone who is “Driven Under Mind-Control;” ie. wasn’t fortunate enough to escape during The Great Delete. DUMs are under the control of C-Bots on the Surface. As part of the MixMob, it’s your job to wake them up.




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