MixMob opens MixLab ahead of two new summer NFT drops

Next up for MixMob Summer is the opening of the MixLab. This takes us one step closer to becoming a true player-generated remix universe! The MixLab is your dedicated NFT portal, your Pokedex. With the release of MixMob: Racer 1 on the horizon and two major new NFT collections dropping this Summer, MixLab provides players with a secure, dedicated site to claim, manage, and mint their new NFTs.

MixLab allows players to switch NFT art style anytime they feel like flexing a different look within the game. Players will soon be able to use their MixLab to combine and burn NFTs to unlock and reveal new in-game characters.

A gateway to quests

MixLab integrates a new questing tool built in partnership with ZeroDrop, called Quest Engine. This will allow players to complete quests in return for points they can spend on increasing the rarity of future NFT drops.

“As more players enter Web3 gaming, providing tools for people to manage all the moving parts of their NFT gaming universe will be a critical part of the player experience,” says Stu Amos, Creative Director at MixMob. “MixLab is part of our commitment to building custom tech to harness the power of dynamic NFTs that evolve as you progress through our universe.”

Enter the MixLab

MixLab will be unleashing its first new collection in the next 10 days! Keep an eye on our Twitter and join our Discord to be the first to know.



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