MixMob launches The Ladder, a social Leaderboard to reward its most engaged community members

4 min readFeb 28


Flex your status and complete quests to climb The Ladder V2 for over $10,000 USDC and 1M SUD$ in prizes!

You like flexing your status. You like getting rewarded. Now you can do both with our new social Leaderboard! Welcome to The Ladder, a ranking system for community engagement that gives you greater status and bigger prizes the higher you climb.

The Ladder is broken down into “seasons,” each with a new theme, new quests, and new prizes. At the end of each season, the prizes are awarded and the Leaderboards are reset.

In V1 of The Ladder, Raiders climbed for rare MixBot Allowlist Access. MixBot Capsules were given to the Top 25 as a thank-you for participating. In V2, we are stepping it up with more than $10,000 USDC and 1,000,000 SUD$ in prizes (worth over $25K USDC!).

So immerse yourself in the universe and come along for The Climb!

How it works

Raiders will be questing for MixPoints (formerly called Mixers). The more MixPoints you have, the higher you rank on The Ladder. Climb The Ladder by earning MixPoints from:

  • Quests
  • Community Engagement & Support
  • Creative Contests
  • Referring Friends
  • Social Flexing & more

MixPoints breakdown

  • MixPoints for Discord quests will be awarded on a scale from 50–500 based on effort and type of quest.
  • Quests starting solely on Twitter will be worth 100 MixPoints.
  • Daily check-in MixPoint claims in Discord will be worth 10 MixPoints.

Build your crew to earn extra points

This season of The Ladder is all about proving yourself in the MixMob universe — and saving DUMs* from living a life in HELIX-9’s simulated reality. That’s why we are rewarding community members who “Wake Up a DUM” and bring them into the community with 50 MixPoints.

In order to get the 50 MixPoint referral bonus, your referral must:

  1. Enter Discord.
  2. Do the onboarding quest (make sure your friends include your Discord handle in the “how you heard about MixMob” section of the onboarding Quest).
  3. Complete the link wallet and Twitter to Quest Engine quest.

In addition to the referral bonus, at the end of the season, you will receive 25% of the MixPoints that those you referred earned as a bonus on top of your score.

*A DUM is slang for someone who is “Driven Under Mind-Control”; i.e. wasn’t fortunate enough to escape during The Great Delete. DUMs are under the control of C-Bots on The Surface. As part of the MixMob, it’s your job to wake them up.

The Ladder will be released in stages as we add new features and build out its functionality. Earlier this month, we launched The Ladder V1, which ranked Raiders based on Mixers earned as a result of daily Discord check-ins and MixBot Campaign Quests. Since V1 closed on February 17th, the rankings have been finalized and the Leaderboard reset in preparation for V2 launching today.

Quest for $10,000 USDC and 1M SUD$ in The Ladder V2

V2 ups the ante with more quests and 1M SUD$ + $10,000 USDC in prizes! When the season ends on April 11th, every Raider on The Ladder will be entered into a 50 SOL raffle with the Top 3 finishers receiving bonus entries.

Here is the prize distribution breakdown based on your place on The Ladder at the end of the season:

1st Place

  • 265,000 SUD$ + $2,650 USDC
  • 1:1 Mask Beta Edition
  • 15 raffle entries

2nd Place

  • 200,000 SUD$ + $2,000 USDC
  • 1:1 Mask Beta Edition
  • 10 raffle entries

3rd Place

  • 150,000 SUD$ + $1,500 USDC
  • 1:1 Mask Beta Edition
  • 5 raffle entries

4th-10th Place

  • $500 USDC for 4th place, minus $50 for every place after (ie. $450 for 5th place, $400 for 6th place, and so on).
  • 50,000 SUD$ for 4th place, minus 5,000 for every place after (ie. 45,000 for 5th place, 40,000 for 6th place, and so on).
  • 1 raffle entry

11th-14th Place

  • $150 USDC
  • 15,000 SUD$
  • 1 raffle entry

15th-19th Place

  • $100 USDC
  • 10,000 SUD$
  • 1 raffle entry

20th-25th Place

  • $50 USDC
  • 5,000 SUD$
  • 1 raffle entry

26th Place and over

  • $5 USDC bonus
  • 1 raffle entry

The Ladder V2 is just the beginning. In the future, you can look forward to trait-based Leaderboards, added Gen0 Mask utility, and much more.

So what are you waiting for? Head to The Ladder to start questing and let the climbing begin!

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