MixMob launches Season 0 with its long-awaited Cinematic Trailer and brand-new website

4 min readMay 17, 2023


MixMob unveils Season 0 and teases their upcoming MixBots drop with the launch of a new website and never-before-seen Cinematic Trailer.

After weeks of anticipation, we are proud to finally unleash our Cinematic Trailer to the world! This animated game trailer marks the next phase of Closed Beta and sets the stage for our upcoming MixBot drop, providing a glimpse into the narrative surrounding “The Gathering” and the exhilaration of becoming a racing legend. As you dive deeper into the universe, catch an exclusive glimpse of the upcoming MixBots that will revolutionize the game.

Complementing this epic trailer launch, we’ve also unveiled a cutting-edge website that introduces an ensemble of never-before-seen characters. These captivating personas align with the thrilling Factions and Decks, allowing you to choose your path as a Styler, Tek, or Boff.

To learn more about the exciting new features available in Closed Beta, visit our blog on “The Gathering”. As we embark on this next stage in the journey, stay tuned for exciting events, teasers, and prizes!

Every week brings new excitement in MixMob: Racer 1 Season 0

Qualifier tournaments

Enter weekly tournaments for the chance to win and unlock HELIX-9’s Glitch Pixel vaults, filled with surprises and rewards! Qualifier tournaments are open to everyone, with exclusive USDC prizes for Gen0 Mask holders. Here’s a quick breakdown below; you can find more info here.

Qualifier Tournaments & Season 0 Championship Details

  • Total prize pool for the qualifiers includes $3,000 USDC + 8 Pixels + 89,800 SUD$ + 8 MixBot Capsules.
  • Top 50 get prizes.
  • Leaderboard-style; the goal is to accumulate as many wins as possible in the timed window.
  • Competition windows take place every Saturday and Sunday from May 6th to June 25th, from 7AM PT to 10AM PT.
  • On July 1st at 6AM PT, the top 25 racers from the Qualifier Tournaments (plus our Alpha Champion Ercalote) will participate in the Season 0 Championship Tournament for a prize pool that includes $2,000 USDC + 1/1 Mask + Grand Pixel + 25 MixBots + 7 Gen0 Masks + 50,000 SUD$.

Ghosting (Staking)

Hide Masks from marketplaces to protect them from HELIX-9. Earn points and redeem weekly prizes in the Subdomain Store. Join our Discord to be the first to know details on your next staking opportunity!

Watch & Bet windows

Spectate, socialize, and earn SUD$ every week in Watch & Bet! Watch and learn from the best racers and bet SUD$ every week during the following times:

  • Thursday & Friday Windows: 6AM-8AM PT & 9AM-11AM PT
  • Saturday & Sunday Windows: 7AM-10AM PT


Climb our weekly Leaderboards for SOL, SUD$, and the chance to win Digital Collectibles in our weekly raffles! Winners announced every Monday on Discord.

PvP Prizes

  • Top 1: 5000 SUD$ and 2 SOL
  • Top 2: 4000 SUD$ and 1 SOL
  • Top 3: 3000 SUD$ and .5 SOL
  • Top 4–10: 2000 SUD$
  • Top 11–20: 1000 SUD$
  • Top 21–25: 500 SUD$

PvE Prizes

The top 25 get entered into a raffle for the following prizes:

  • If winner is a Gen0 Mask holder = 4,000 SUD$
  • If the winner does not have a Gen0 Mask (uses a blank Mask in-game) = 1 Gen 0 Mask

Our Gen0 holders will receive a ticket for a weekly raffle for a common MixBot:

  • Top 1: 6 entries
  • Top 2: 5 entries
  • Top 3: 4 entries
  • Top 4–10: 3 entries
  • Top 11–20: 2 entries
  • Top 21–25: 1 entry

MixBot Sale

Purchase MixBots with in-game utility, such as unique playable characters, Faction readiness, SUD$ for playing and betting, and access to exclusive tournaments with unique rewards and USDC prizes.

If you are a Mask holder, head to uprising.mixmob.io to start racing.

If you don’t have a Mask, go to mixmob.io to get your exclusive referral link!

For the latest news on Season 0, MixBots, and more, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord.




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