MixMob launches Questing Engine to unlock rarities and rewards for the community

With the release of the Quest Engine, players can level up the rarity of their Capsules for the chance to create a more unique MixBot and earn rewards in-game.

Questing is an integral mechanic within the MixMob universe and will play an essential role in the MixBots campaign, allowing players to improve their Capsule Tier Allowlist and odds of acquiring rare traits. Earning a spot on the Allowlist for Tiers 2–4 can only happen through Questing. In order to better understand how Questing fits into the greater picture of the universe, please see our .

How questing works

Questing is done solely through the Quest Engine which can only be accessed in the .

Quests are spread throughout the server. For instance, when you first enter the MixMob Discord you will be greeted with an Onboarding Quest where you will get your first taste of the Quest Engine and receive your first MixMob role, Escaped.

In order to start a quest, simply type /start. This will initiate the Quest Engine.

Subsequent Quests

Once you have completed the Onboarding Quest and proven that you are not a robot you will see a Questing Category in your sidebar. This is where all the latest general quests will be located.

MixBot questing

MixBot questing will begin on November 11, 2022, and remain open until further notice. All Discord members, whether they own a Gen0 Mask or not, will be able to complete quests and increase their Allowlist access.

Everyone on the Allowlist will have access to Tier 1 Capsules. Those who decide to go the extra mile and take part in Questing will be able to earn Mixers to increase their Allowlist access and partake in the Tiers 2 -4 sale.

Visit our for more info on MixBots and Allowlist.

What else is questing used for?

Currently, the Quest Engine is used primarily for community engagement. We have successfully integrated the Quest Engine for several contests, event registrations, and airdrop mechanics, including the following:

  • Halloween Campaign Contests (including rewarding entrants with a limited-time Discord currency — Candy).
  • Creative contests.
  • InterDAO Tournament registration for our game (Avocado DAO & Ready Player DAO for example).
  • Web3 wallet integration with Discord ID for future airdrops, and much more.

Future applications

This is just the beginning! In the future, the Quest Engine will unlock numerous possibilities that will enable MixMob to have the most exciting and innovative tool to promote and engage our community, including integration into future versions of MixMob: Racer 1 and our MMO.

Future uses of the Quest Engine include:

  • Earning Culture Points (MixMob XP).
  • Leveling up your MixBot (MixBot XP).
  • Earning Glitch Pixels.
  • Faction-specific questing.
  • Earning specialized airdrops.
  • Earning specialized Mask/MixBot traits.
  • Earning specialized Discord roles and perks, and much much more.

Join our to get started on your Questing journey and level up your experience in the MixMob Universe! For all the latest on MixBots and more, follow us on .



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What would you do if an A.I. deleted our culture? 👀 👉 Let's play the game. #p2e ✊ 🔥