MixMob launches QuantumStaking to reward community members for staking their Masks

2 min readJun 1, 2023

With QuantumStaking, Mask holders collect points for every minute their Mask is staked and can exchange those points for big rewards!

Fresh off the MixBot trailer, we are extremely excited to announce that QuantumStaking is live! Just when you thought this week couldn’t get any better, you can now stake your Mask in the MixLab and rack up points for every minute it’s staked.

How QuantumStaking Works

With our new QuantumStaking engine, you can easily stake, unstake, and cash in your points for rewards in the MixLab.

Participating is easy! Here’s how:

  1. Stake your Mask at mixlab.mixmob.io/staking.
  2. Once your Mask is staked, you automatically collect 1 point for every minute that your Mask remains staked. Points are updated every second (ex. 1 minute and 2 seconds = 1.02 Points).

What happens when I unstake my Mask?

In QuantumStaking V1, Masks can be unstaked at any time but you won’t receive points unless your Mask is staked on July 2nd. If you unstake your Mask before July 2nd, your points will be reset to zero when you restake it.

Points will be awarded manually in the Quest Engine after the V1 QuantumStaking campaign has ended on July 2nd.


If your Mask is staked through July 2nd and you have collected enough points, you will be eligible to exchange your points for rewards such as:

  • Tourney tickets — unique tickets for players to unlock $ based on tournaments.
  • Glitch Pixels.
  • SUD$ Bundles.
  • MixBot Capsules.
  • Masks.

The exact points breakdown and prize tiers will be announced closer to the end of the staking date. This is an incredible opportunity to collect MixBot Capsules that can be unlocked to reveal a MixBot, remixable racing sidekicks that are playable in-game.

If your Mask isn’t staked right now, you’re missing out on precious points — go to the MixLab to participate in QuantumStaking or head to Magic Eden to purchase a Mask and start collecting rewards!

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