MixMob Launches Leaderboards with Prizes to Award Top Competitors NFTs and Tokens

2 min readOct 5, 2022

Each week of Alpha V2, players have the opportunity to earn tokens and NFTs by making the weekly Leaderboards. Every Monday, the top racers from the previous week will be announced on Twitter and Discord. Depending on their placement, racers have the chance to earn SOL, Gen0 Masks, recognition in MixMob’s Subdomain Leaderboards Hall Of Fame, and the chance to compete for the coveted Racer 1 title in an official tournament that will take place after Open Alpha concludes.

How it works

Every Monday, the top 25 players who won the most games that week will be featured on the PVP or PVE public Leaderboards. If two players win the same number of matches, the player who reached the most wins first will be featured first on the Leaderboard.

You can check the live Leaderboards anytime in the MixLab remix editor: mixlab.mixmob.io.

Prizes and rewards

The top 5 racers on each Leaderboard will receive the following prizes:

  • 1st Place: 1 SOL + Gen0 Mask
  • 2nd Place: 1.5 SOL
  • 3rd Place: 1 SOL
  • 4th Place: 0.5 SOL
  • 5th Place: 0.25 SOL

In addition to tokens, every racer in the top 5 also gets:

  • A raffle entry to win one of 3 ultra-rare Gen0 Masks with G-G-GLITCH attributes.
  • A live AMA with the MixMob Crew.
  • Their name permanently added to the Subdomain Leaderboards Hall Of Fame.

At the end of Alpha V2, racers in the overall top 25 will also have their names permanently featured in our Subdomain Leaderboards Hall Of Fame.

Competing for Racer 1

Alpha V2 also brings us one step closer to crowning our champion of the Subdomain, Racer 1. Every week, the top 4 racers from each Leaderboard will also earn their entry into an Official MixMob: Racer 1 tournament that will take place after Open Alpha. This is when the true Racer 1 will be revealed and make MixMob history as the top racer in the Subdomain!

For the latest news on MixMob: Racer 1 and our upcoming NFT drop, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord.




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