MixMob launches its in-game economy with the SUD$ token and unveils Spectator Mode in the most competitive Alpha yet

4 min readJan 24, 2023


In the latest release of MixMob’s card battle racing game, players can compete for rewards, stream, wager on racers, and play on the go with mobile capabilities.

Buckle up, Raiders, Alpha V3 starts now! The latest version of the game unveils a slew of exciting, highly-requested features, including the introduction of our game economy and SUD$ token. With SUD$, players can enter Arenas and compete to win more SUD$ through various game modes: Rookie, Hero, and Degen. Those who don’t race can earn SUD$ in Spectator Mode and exchange them for future rewards, like digital collectibles, season game passes, and more.

Key features of Alpha V3

MixMob: Racer 1 Alpha V3 delivers the most exciting, accessible, and interactive game yet. Here are some of the highlights:

SUD$ (previously called CDX)

We are excited to launch early versions of two highly-requested features, the first of which is our game economy. Having proven the economy with thousands of simulations, we have established a sustainable model that players can engage with in a variety of ways using the SUD$ token. SUD$ stands for Subdomain Dollars and replaces what was previously known as CDX. It can be used to enter races, wager, buy digital items, and more.

SUD$ is a unidirectional token, one that is on the blockchain but currently only transactional within MixMob. This allows us to balance our economy without being subjected to external market forces, cheating, or any other risks that come with an open economy. Read more about SUD$ here.

How to get SUD$

SUD$ can only be earned, or bought in bundles via our ATM (Automatic Token Machine) in the game. There are 4 ways to earn SUD$:

  • Playing and winning MixMob: Racer 1.
  • Bringing in new players via our Referral Program (more details coming soon).
  • Being a Gen0 Mask holder. Those who have participated in tournaments, Ghosted The Surface, or are MixMob MVPs all earned SUD$ that they can start using in-game.
  • Log in to the game to collect your free daily SUD$ during Alpha V3.

Mobile v1

After numerous community demands, MixMob: Racer 1 is coming to mobile! Now players can access the game anytime, anywhere from their Android mobile device (iOS coming soon). Cryptocurrency transactions will be enabled on mobile web, improving players’ enjoyment of and access to the game.

Spectator Mode v1

Spectating becomes a sport of its own with Spectator Mode, a new wagering and streaming feature where players can wager SUD$ on other players and communicate with each other in the live chat. Wagering adds a new layer of competition and entertainment to the game and a secondary means for racers to earn tokens if they win.

Spectator Mode windows are open from 9–11AM and 4–6PM PT Monday to Friday. For step-by-step instructions for using Spectator Mode, see our MixMob Universe Guide.

Open access 24/7

The Arena never sleeps! Both PvP (Player vs. Player) and PvE (Player vs. Environment) will be open throughout the duration of Alpha V3, improving accessibility and increasing competition.

Intro cinematics

The Arena comes to life with new intro cinematics. Players have the chance to better understand their goals and the racing environment, not to mention flex their racing bots at the start line.

Revised Card balance

Thanks to all the feedback gathered in Alpha V2, Cards have been tweaked and fine-tuned to ensure that there are more opportunities for high-tension moments throughout the race.

Improved graphics & UI

Enhanced VFX, Textures, and 3D models in-game ensure performance is optimized for PC and mobile game platforms. Additionally, the game lobbies have been refreshed with new art to accompany a revised sitemap.

Leaderboard Tournaments

Instead of resetting the Leaderboards every week, we will be hosting daily Live Tournaments for the duration of Alpha V3. Get your daily updates on upcoming tournaments on Discord.

We will also be hosting Play The Crew every Wednesday from 11AM to 12PM PST. Each time you beat the Crew, you get 500 SUD$.

Referral Program

We have brought back our Referral Program to incentivize players to invite their friends to play for the chance to win major prizes, including MixBot Capsules and Allowlist, Gen0 Masks, and up to 100K SUD$! Simply invite your friends to play MixMob: Racer 1 using your unique referral link. Please note that your referred friend must play at least one round of MixMob: Racer 1 in order to be considered a valid referral who will count towards your raffle entries.

More details on our Alpha V3 Referral Program coming this week. In the meantime, here is the prize breakdown.

Head to mixmob.io to enter the game and start collecting, winning, and wagering SUD$!

For the latest news on Alpha V3 and more, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord.




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