MixMob launches Closed Beta with “The Gathering” campaign and kicks off a series of drops in its most advanced game release yet

8 min readApr 25, 2023


Closed Beta unlocks Free-Play Mode, Pixels, a new Tek deck, and competitive game upgrades. The MixBots are coming!

Welcome to “The Gathering,” the place where the Subdomain’s most promising racers, climbers, collectors, socializers, remixers, and gamblers come together to test the latest Arena features before they open to the masses. MixMob: Racer 1 is officially in beta! “The Gathering” kicks off a series of drops, starting with a fresh new website on May 16th, that will take place over the next 3 months, and culminate in a massive event that’s unlike anything that’s been done before.

This is a time to celebrate what we’ve built and look to the future by testing out the latest Arena tech in our most seamless and advanced release yet. Build your crew and climb the leaderboards in our Qualifier Tournaments as our culture levels up to a new tier of competition — and we get ready for the arrival of the MixBots!

Key Features of MixMob: Racer 1 Closed Beta

The latest version of MixMob: Racer 1 introduces a number of new components that make the game more accessible and exciting. Here are the key features players have to look forward to:

Free-Play Mode

By popular demand from our community, we have removed transactions to make PVE mode free to play! Invite your friends with your unique referral link. Once they’re ready to level up from Free Play to PVP, you will receive 300 SUD$ and 10 MixPoints.

New Tek Deck

Closed Beta unleashes the Tek Faction cards in a new pre-built deck. Inside the Tek Deck, players will be excited to see some fan favorites remixed in with exciting new mechanics intermixed. Players can look forward to using the Tek Deck in-game in May.

Game Upgrades

In addition to a new deck, the latest release unlocks new upgrades that make races tighter and less predictable. For a competitive strategy, you must take these new features into account:

  • Slipstream — This rubber-banding feature prevents snowballing in-game. The player who is further back will gain speed as they try to catch up to the leader.
  • Obstacles — If you’re in the lead, watch out! There are glitches in the environment. Be sure to stay on your toes and change lanes to avoid slamming into digital defecation which will slow you down.
  • Collision — Ram into your opponent to deal 5 damage. Change lanes or speed boost to slam into your opponent and do some mutually assured destruction.
  • Core Boosters — Fly dangerously by pressing the “W” key! You’ll activate your bot’s Core Booster which provides a speed boost at the expense of your Health. No risk, no reward.

Improved Arena Cost Balancing

After receiving feedback that our tournament structure made it too difficult to win back the Arena entry, we have rebalanced our Arena entry fee and rewards journey as follows.

Player IDs

Your identity in the game universe just got easier to flex with our new Player IDs! Pick an alias from the engine of pre-generated nicknames to build your reputation, and protect your identity from the unwanted attention of HELIX-9.

Once you’ve picked an alias, you won’t be able to change it until we’ve integrated that functionality in a future version of the game. Choose wisely!

Qualifier Tournaments & Pixels

Every Saturday through Closed Beta starting May 6th, we will hold a Qualifier Tournament. At the end of the 8 weeks, the overall top 25 will be entered into The Gathering Season 0 Championship Tournament. The winner of the Championship will receive a mysterious Glitch Pixel loot box.

Qualifier tournaments will be leaderboard-style, therefore the goal is to accumulate as many wins as possible in the timed window. Windows will take place every Saturday and Sunday from May 6th to June 25th, from 7AM PT to 10AM PT.

Qualifier tournaments will be open to everyone, however, only Mask holders will be eligible for certain exclusive prizes, including 8 mysterious Glitch Pixels. Each week, the winner of the Qualifier Tourney will receive a Glitch Pixel. Each Glitch Pixel contains a loot box of in-game assets, tokens, achievements, and Digital Collectibles from other games and projects that can be redeemed at the end of the season.

Qualifier Tournament Prizes

  • 1st: $70 USDC + Glitch Pixel + Tier 3 Capsule + 8,000 SUD$
  • 2nd: $55 USDC + Tier 2 Capsule + 7,000 SUD$
  • 3rd: $40 USDC + Tier 1 Capsule + 6,000 SUD$
  • 4–5th: $25 USDC + 3,000 SUD$
  • 6–10th: $10 USDC + 1,400 SUD$
  • 11–20th: $5 USDC + 700 SUD$
  • 21–30th: $3 USDC + 400 SUD$
  • 31–40th: $2 USDC + 300 SUD$
  • 41–50th: $1 USDC + 200 SUD$

Non-Gen0 Mask Holder Prizes

All non-Gen0 Mask participants get 1 raffle entry per race Raffles (1 win = 1 ticket): (1) Gen0 Masks + (5) Mixbots

  • 1st: 1,000 SUD$ + Glitch Pixel
  • 2nd: 900 SUD$
  • 3rd: 800 SUD$
  • 4–8th: 700 SUD$ each
  • 9–16th: 600 SUD$ each
  • 17–25th: 500 SUD$ each
  • 25th-50th: 400 SUD$ each
  • 50–100th: 300 SUD$ each

Both Mask holders and non Mask holders are eligible to win Glitch Pixel if they place first.

Championship Tournament

On July 1st at 6AM PT, the top 25 racers from the Qualifier Tournaments (plus our Alpha Champion Ercalote) will participate in the Championship Tournament. This means you do not have to compete in each qualifier or even win a qualifier in order to qualify for the Championship.

The Championship Tournament will be bracket-style where racers will be competing head-to-head to advance into the final rounds.


  • 1st: Grand Glitch Pixel + $600 USDC + 1/1 MixBot + 15,000 SUD$
  • 2nd: $400 USDC + MixBot + Gen0 Mask + 10,000 SUD$
  • 3rd: $250 USDC + MixBot + Gen0 Mask + 6,250 SUD$
  • 4–8th: $75 USDC + MixBot + Gen0 Mask + 1,875 SUD$
  • 9–16th $50 USDC + MixBot + 1,250 SUD$
  • 17–25th: $25 USDC + MixBot + 625 SUD$

Leaderboard Prizes

Climb our weekly Leaderboards for SOL, SUD$, and the chance to win Digital Collectibles in our weekly raffles! Winners announced every Monday on Discord.

PvP Prizes

  • Top 1: 5000 SUD$ and 2 SOL
  • Top 2: 4000 SUD$ and 1 SOL
  • Top 3: 3000 SUD$ and .5 SOL
  • Top 4–10: 2000 SUD$
  • Top 11–20: 1000 SUD$
  • Top 21–25: 500 SUD$

PvE Prizes

The top 25 get entered into a raffle for the following prizes:

  • If winner is a Gen0 Mask holder = 4000 SUD$
  • If the winner does not have a Gen0 Mask (uses a blank Mask in-game) = 1 Gen 0 Mask

Our Gen0 holders will receive a ticket for a weekly raffle for a common MixBot:

  • Top 1: 6 entries
  • Top 2: 5 entries
  • Top 3: 4 entries
  • Top 4–10: 3 entries
  • Top 11–20: 2 entries
  • Top 21–25: 1 entry

Spectating & Betting

Tune in during our Live Streaming windows to chat and wager SUD$ on your favorite racers. To make things even more exciting, our announcer and host will be giving away SUD$ and other prizes. Watch & Bet is open during the following times:

  • Thursday and Friday from 6AM to 8AM PT and 9AM to 11AM PT.
  • Every Saturday for Qualifying Tournaments from 6AM PT — 12AM PT.

Referral Program

Our Referral Program is one of the best ways to earn free SUD$! In fact, we’ve upgraded our Referral Program for beta to award you 300 SUD$ and 10 MixPoints on The Ladder for every single valid referral. To be considered a valid referral, the person you referred must play at least one PVP round of MixMob: Racer 1.

Referral Program Prizes

With Closed Beta, we are excited to introduce Referral Tournaments, exclusive tiered tournaments that are only open to those who referred their friends during Closed Beta! The competitors in each tournament will battle to win a special Lootbox. Refer more friends to ascend higher tiers and qualify to compete for rarer Lootboxes.

Rookie (1+ valid referral)

In addition to receiving 300 SUD$ and 10 MixPoints for every valid referral, those who refer at least 1 friend will be entered into a tournament for a Lootbox containing 1 Power 1 MixBot Capsule, a Treasury Digital Collectible, and $5 USDC.

Hero (5–9 valid referrals)

In addition to receiving 300 SUD$ and 10 MixPoints for every valid referral, those who refer at least 5 friends will be entered into a tournament for a Lootbox containing a Gen0 Mask, 1 Power 2 MixBot Capsule, Treasury Digital Collectibles, and $25 USDC.

Degen (10+ valid referrals)

In addition to receiving 300 SUD$ and 10 MixPoints for every valid referral, those who refer at least 10 friends will receive:

  • A commemorative Digital Collectible.
  • Referral role in Discord.
  • Entry into a tournament for a Lootbox containing a Glitch Mask, 1 Power 3 MixBot Capsule, 3 Treasury Digital Collectibles, and $50 USDC.

Start inviting your friends and collecting rewards with your unique referral link!

Open Access

Now that we are in beta stage, MixMob: Racer 1 will be open 24/7, with no closing date. This includes both PVP and PVE. Weekly Qualifier Tournaments and leaderboard raffles will keep the excitement high, the competition hot, and the rewards rolling in.

If you are a Mask holder, head to uprising.mixmob.io to start racing.

If you don’t have a Mask, go to mixmob.io to get your exclusive referral link!

For the latest news on Closed Beta and more, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord.




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