MixMob kicks off its MixBots “Be Legendary” campaign with a thrilling new trailer

7 min readMay 31, 2023

MixMob will unleash its collection of remixable, utility-loaded MixBots with its Capsule drop sale in July, 2023.

UPDATED July 13! Please read:

More details coming soon!

It’s coming, Raiders! After months of anticipation, we are extremely excited to share that MixBots will be arriving in July! Get ready to open your Capsules and meet your robot sidekicks. It’s time to “Be Legendary.”

MixBots are a limited-edition collection with over 226 individual traits randomized in every Cartridge. Delivered as Capsules, players get to uncover Base Units and Cartridges, which can be fused to create their own unique MixBot. Will you get a Mecha or Mutant? Burn your Capsule to find out!

This blog contains everything you need to know about the mechanics of MixBots, including how to unlock a Capsule, and the best way to increase your chances of securing a rare MixBot via the Allowlist. First, it’s important to understand how MixBots work and why they’re valuable.

Locked and utility-loaded

MixBots are not traditional Digital Collectibles, but dynamic, remixable, and upgradeable sidekicks. With a MixBot, you unlock an immersive gaming journey filled with fame, fortune, and companionship in the MixMob: Racer 1 Arenas. Benefits of owning a MixBot include:

  • Access to unique playable characters in the game.
  • Faction ready, so players can bypass the game sessions needed to unlock their Faction.
  • Ability to collect incredible rewards, including tournament tickets, Glitch Pixels, SUD$ Bundles, MixBot Capsules, Masks, and more through QuantumStaking missions.
  • Allowlists and priority access to future digital collectible drops.
  • Exclusive admission to tournaments where players can win unique rewards and prizes in USDC.

MixBot mechanics

The MixBots drop begins with a Public Capsule Sale, followed by the opening of Capsules, the reveal of Base Unit Bots, Cartridges, and the ability to create a MixBot in the MixLab. With 4 power levels of increasing rarity and the possibility of unlocking one of our ultra-rare 1:1s, the release promises unprecedented excitement.

All MixBots are created from 3 essential elements: a Capsule, a B.U.B, and a Cartridge.


Inside every Capsule is a B.U.B. and a Cartridge. Capsules come in 4 tiers of rarity, Power 1 (least rare) to Power 4 (most rare). The day after our Public Capsule Sale, the MixLab will open and you can burn your B.U.B. and Cartridge to reveal your MixBot!


The first component of a Capsule is a B.U.B or Base Unit Bot. This is your starter robot, a stripped-down version of a MixBot with no traits.

A B.U.B remains a blank slate until a player inserts a Cartridge into it that reveals the personality and characteristics that make them a MixBot.


Cartridges are the second component in a Capsule and the key that unlocks your B.U.B.’s personality and characteristics. The first batch of Cartridges are Mechas and Mutants. Capsules only contain one type of Cartridge; you won’t know which one you have until you open your Capsule.

Cartridges come in 4 tiers of rarity, Power 1 to Power 4, and are equal to the rarity level of their Capsule. Power 4 Cartridges have the highest chance of producing rare traits, Power 3 Capsules have a slightly lesser chance of producing rare traits, and so on.

Lucky 8s

A Power 4 Capsule is likely to produce a rare MixBot, but there are no bots more coveted than the Lucky 8s. Scattered evenly throughout the Cartridges, there are eight special ones that contain our ultra-rare 1:1’s — MixBots with a complete set of traits.

Because these ultra-rare Capsules are distributed evenly, a Power 1 Cartridge and Power 4 Cartridge have the same chance of containing one of the 8 uniques.

MixBot traits & materials

The MixBot collection is generated from 226+ different traits. Each individual MixBot is composed of 6 traits: top body, shoulder, legs, bottom body, arms, and face. Backgrounds are an additional trait, corresponding to a MixBot’s Faction, for a total of 7 traits.

Unlike Gen0 Masks, which contain traits that are purely cosmetic, MixBot traits will translate to in-game advantages based on the rarity of their traits and an overall trait score.

MixBot materials vary depending on their rarity. Here is a breakdown of the materials that make up a MixBot:


  • OG is the original color. OG custom MixBots include stickers.
  • Odd materials vary depending on which Cartridge you insert — clay for Mutants, wood for Mechas.

Synth (Rare)

  • Synth, or gunmetal.

Metal (Epic)

  • Precious metals include gold, metallics, and silver.

Glitch (Legendary)

  • Like our Gen0 Masks, the mysterious glitch material is extremely rare and considered extremely valuable.

1:1s (Unique)

  • Eight random Cartridges will contain our ultra-rare 1:1’s, MixBots with a complete set of traits. Instant legend status guaranteed!


Every MixBot created is automatically drafted to a Faction. Once drafted, you will help develop and drive the evolution of that MixBot type and card progression. Players can switch Factions by trading their MixBots with others. The three Factions are:

  • Styler: Stylers are the creative Jedis, the mixed reality warpers. Unleashing the full fury of their mind-bending creativity through their MixBots, they win with style, or not at all.
  • Teks: Teks are master engineers. Able to superpower their bots by hacking them with the latest attachments and upgrades.
  • Boffs: Boffs are the MixMob’s gigabrains. Able to jump their bots around in time and space, bend physics, and distort dimensions. Stay tuned for more details on Factions!

How to get a MixBot

To get a MixBot Capsule at the Public Capsule Sale, you will need to be registered for the Allowlist. This is a list of wallets that will be eligible to join in the sale of MixBot Capsules. There is no limit to the number of wallets on the Allowlist.

There are four ways to achieve Allowlist status:

  1. Own a Gen0 Mask.
  2. You won Allowlist in a previous giveaway or tournament.
  3. You were an integral part of our MixMob: Racer 1 Alpha testing and own the following Discord Roles: Gen 1 Alpha Pilot or Gen 2 Alpha Pilot.
  4. You complete a combination of MixBot Quests to earn a specific level of Allowlist — details below!

Quest Requirements:

Power Level 1

  • Complete the Enter The Quest Engine Quest in Discord and gain the “Initiated” role.

Power Level 2

  • Complete a simple MixMob Lore Quiz with a 100% score and complete 1 PvP Arena game.
  • Refer 4 people with at least 2 being a valid referral using invite.mixmob.io

Power Level 3

  • Create and post on Twitter either a i) homemade MixBot or a ii) drawing of a MixBot, comment on why your excited about MixBots, Tag MixMobOrigin, #BeLegendary, and post the tweet link in Discord and complete 5 PvP Tournaments.
  • Refer 6 people with at least 4 being a valid referral using invite.mixmob.io

Power Level 4

  • Have a lifetime total of 20 wins in PvP in MixMob: Racer 1.
  • Refer 8 people with at least 6 being a valid referral using invite.mixmob.io

It’s important to note that MixBot Questing closes June 12th! You must complete the above Quests in Discord before then in order to be on the Allowlist.

Discord Role Assignment:

  • Power Level 1 — No role
  • Power Level 2 — MixBot Allowlist Power 2
  • Power Level 3 — MixBot Allowlist Power 3
  • Power Level 4 — MixBot Allowlist Power 4

Those who have the MixBot Allowlist Power Level 3 and MixBot Allowlist Power Level 4 Discord roles will be entered into a weekly raffle where they can win 1 Power 4 Capsule, 2 Power 3 Capsules, 1,200 SUD$ (4 x 300), and/or $100 USDC (4 x $25).

Those with MixBot Allowlist Power Level 4 Discord role will also earn an additional 1.5x multiplier for V1 of Gen0 Mask staking.

Do you still have more questions about MixBots? Head to Discord and Iceman Crypto will be happy to help.

Otherwise, what are you waiting for? Join our Discord and start Questing to unlock Allowlist before Questing closes on Monday, June 12!




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