MIXMOB Full Site Launch and Mask Reveal

3 min readNov 8, 2021


5,000 STRONG.

We are excited to announce our first official trailer of our masks and new site!

MIXMOB is a play-to-earn game powered by Solana. Join the MIXMOB — a creative remix resistance force battling a master A.I that has deleted our culture.

In order to join the game, we are releasing 5,000 masks. The masks are you avatar and unique identity in the game, mutable NFTs that will level up and evolve as you progress from our first card racing strategy game to full MMO glory.

In MIXMOB you are your avatar. Level up your style and skill by battling other players, train your mixbots, and build your NFT collections by unlocking NFT loot and easter eggs in the game.

Let the world behold your glory, both in the game — and IRL.

Check out the full website to uncover masks, story, and the roadmap!

Lots more updates to come!

What’s Next

More Big Announcements Coming This Week

👉 Mask Rarities & Utilities
👉 Mixmob Backers Revealed
👉 !Official Sale Date Announced At Breakpoint!


MIXMOB is a play to earn game powered by Solana. Beginning with a Card Strategy and Battle Racing Game, level up on your journey to the full MMO experience. In MIXMOB you are your avatar. As you progress with your MixBots and NFT collections, the world will recognize the power of your avatar both in the game world and real world.

MixMob is developed by a veteran group of gaming professionals who worked on Halo, FIFA, Pokerstar, Nintendo and more.

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What would you do if an A.I. deleted our culture? 👀 👉 Let's play the game. #p2e ✊ discord.gg/mixmob 🔥