NFTs have become an important part of digital culture with a wide-ranging impact on the creative fabric of the web. Part of our mission at MixMob is to support the creator economy, not only through creating a world where we give our players the tools to express their culture and reap the rewards, but also through participating in the greater Web3 creator economy.

Earlier this month, we announced that we are actively investing in NFT communities that we feel align with the MixMob ethos. More officially, this will take the form of a DAO in the near future.


As noted in our Litepaper, we allocated 10% of our initial NFT Mask sales towards a DAO that supports the NFT community by purchasing and holding other non-MXM NFTs.

Additionally, the NFTs that we purchase via the DAO will be rewarded in our Culture Boxes in the game.

Furthermore, a 30% royalty fee from secondary Mask sales will be permanently allocated to funding the DAO in the long run.

In the future, management decisions will be done through governance requiring a majority approval from NFT holders.

Community Selection

First and foremost, MixMob is a community built around remix culture. The intent is to fuse music, fashion, art, and storytelling into one metaverse game where users create its culture.

When selecting NFTs to add to our collection, we look for communities that embody these same characteristics. We look for projects that show potential for growth via high community participation and therefore an increased possibility for derivative creations, NFT or otherwise. This key component flywheels into a cycle that creates even more participation and growth.

Secondly, the MixMob game universe will incorporate NFT holdings into the story, lore, and player rewards. Owning NFTs from a particular community will help us best understand the culture behind it and allow us to present it in the most engaging and authentic way possible.

Furthermore, we don’t build in a silo. We believe that Web3 is a transformative movement and supporting creators raises the bar for everyone. Any creator on any blockchain now has the means of creative self-governance and this is something worth supporting, independent of the MixMob project.

And finally, we just like the art :)

So, what are we holding?

We hold a handful of PFP NFTs on the Solana and Ethereum blockchains. Here’s the initial line-up:

  1. SolSisters #07223 and #07655 (Solana)
  2. Degenerate Ape Academy #3359 (Solana)
  3. Catalina Whale #4422 (Solana)
  4. SOLGods #1123, #3697, and #5048 (Solana)
  5. Boss Beauties #9029 (Ethereum)
  6. WomenRise #7884 (Ethereum)
  7. CyberKong #2965 (Ethereum)
  8. CyberKong VX #5229, #6850, #7776, #7975, and #10223 (Ethereum)

All great projects with great communities surrounding them.

This is only the beginning. Future plans include more great PFPs, expanding to other mediums like audio, games, photography, fine art, etc., as well as a virtual gallery space.

Watch this space or follow us on Twitter and Discord for updates as we expand our collection.



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