MixMob announces the end of Ghosting period and shares rewards rollout plan in anticipation of Alpha V3

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MixMob will end the Ghosting period on Friday, January 13th, rewarding participating Mask holders with SUD$ tokens following Alpha V3, and offering the chance to earn bonus tokens.

After 2 months of Ghosting The Surface, we are excited to announce that the official Ghosting period will end on Friday, January 13th, 2023, at 11AM PT when a final snapshot is taken. Qualifying holders who de-listed their Masks for the duration of the Ghosting period will receive 10,000 SUD$ tokens (formerly known as CDX) at the end of Alpha V3.

For details on token distribution and your 1,000 SUD$ bonus, keep on reading.

SUD$ tokens

Formerly called CDX, our internal codename for our in-game token, SUD$, or Subdomain Dollars, is MixMob: Racer 1’s official in-game token and driver of the in-game economy. TMP, the in-game temporary token used during our previous Alphas and tournaments, will no longer be valid for in-game use. For now, SUD$ will need to either be purchased in bundles, earned through gameplay and engagement in Discord or through referrals.

Currently, SUD$ is a unidirectional token and recipients are unable to transfer SUD$ between their own wallets and other wallets. This is intentional and is a key detail of our two-token economy. In the future, SUD$ will be convertible to MXM, our governance token.

Stay tuned for more details on SUD$ and its utility in our NFT Journey Document.

Ghosting token distribution

As of this Friday, all qualifying Mask holders who held their Masks from November 14th at 11AM PT through January 13th at 11AM PT will be airdropped 10,000 SUD$ per Mask at the end of Alpha V3 (stay tuned for a kick-off date announcement in the next few days with all the details).

Bonus tokens

We have some very exciting new features coming into play in Alpha V3. In order to participate, you need SUD$. That’s why we are offering bonus tokens to qualifying holders:

  1. All wallets with at least 1 Mask that qualified for Ghosting will receive an additional 1,000 SUD$ bonus by the start of Alpha V3.
  2. If you bought a Mask between Nov 14, 2022, and Alpha V3 and still have the Mask in your wallet, you will receive 500 SUD$ prior to Alpha V3 if you keep your Mask de-listed until launch day.

Please ensure that the final snapshot has been taken before releasing your Gen0 Masks from your wallets. We will make an announcement when the snapshot has been taken.

Hold on to your Masks, Raiders! More details on SUD$ and Alpha V3 coming soon. For the latest MixMob news, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord.




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