MIXMOB Angel Round backed by some of the best in the space

3 min readNov 10, 2021


The MixMob team is proud to announce our Angel Round raise.

In early September we put together a high calibre group of Crypto Funds and Crypto Angels.

We had two criteria when we were looking at investors:

  • Can they help us in Design or Distribution. At this early stage we needed those that could help guide product/token design
  • Could they help us amplify awareness of MixMob

Our notable backers include:

Solana Ventures — we had been speaking with the Solana core team since July. We liked the platform and felt it was best for our goals of making a top quality game that can attract a wide audience, the Fortnite crowd. We hit it off well and was only natural for Solana to come and support.

DeFiance Capital — the leading DeFi fund in the world. They have one of the best research teams around and with the convergence of gaming and finance, we found a group that could help guide our innovations in this space. We look forward to working with Arthur 0x, Daryl Wang, Bailey Tan and the rest of the team.

Merit Circle — one of the fastest growing DAOs focusing on gaming guilds. Merit Circle will be a key partner to bring in players to MixMob.

Arthur Hayes — A crypto OG who’s insight into how NFTs are transforming culture are always a great read.

Darren and Darryl Lau — two of the best when it comes to defi, gaming, and community building.

Alex Svanevik — Founder and CEO of Nansen. Active NFT Collector.

Oliver Blakey — partner at Ascensive Assets and early backer of YGG.

Pavel Bains — founder of Bluzelle, who combines gaming and crypto having spent 10+ years working in games with Disney, Nintendo, EA and more.

QCP/PSV — one of Asia’s top crypto investment and trading firms. Will help MixMob’s inroads in building Southeast Asia communities in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Dave Waslen — CEO and co-founder of Wilder World. One of the best Metaverses with high quality art.

Eric Dadoun — active crypto investor, NFT collector, CEO of DeZy Finance.

SOJ— active and early NFT collector. CyberKongZ, Sandbox Land, Pudgy Penguins. Early Nansen investor.

Thanks to all our early backers. It’s going to be a great ride!

Next things up for the MixMob community:

  • New visuals for the game
  • Mask rarities
  • More pre-sale challenges


MIXMOB is a play to earn game powered by Solana. Beginning with a Card Strategy and Battle Racing Game, level up on your journey to the full MMO experience. In MIXMOB you are your avatar. As you progress with your MixBots and NFT collections, the world will recognize the power of your avatar both in the game world and real world.

MixMob is developed by a veteran group of gaming professionals who worked on Halo, FIFA, Pokerstar, Nintendo and more.

Follow along on Discord and Twitter.




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