Maskonomics 101

We are very excited to present Maskonomics, our insider guide to getting the most out of your Mask. In MIXMOB, your Gen0 Mask is your one-of-a-kind identity and the key to unlocking the game. It’s a mutable NFT that evolves as you level up on your journey. MIXMOB masks combine 2D, 3D, sketches, stickers, candy, pop culture, art, music, science…

Masks have the following power and utility in the game:

  • Access to 30,000,000 MXM tokens from MixMob’s IDO’s 1B total supply — 3% of the total MXM token supply. The tokens will be distributed as follows:
  • 5,000,000 MXM tokens will be airdropped to all Gen0 Mask holders with a 6-month linear vesting schedule — 1,000 MXM tokens per Gen0 Mask. We will announce in advance the specific Snapshot, the day for when the airdrop happens. The airdrop goes to the wallet holding the mask at the Snapshot moment. A single wallet with multiple masks will receive the airdrop equivalent of all the masks in the single wallet.
  • 25,000,000 MXM tokens will be available for Gen0 Mask staking rewards via the Staking Club Program. In addition, members will get MXM tokens and seasonal accessories for their masks, like limited-edition glasses, hats, headphones, etc., via a monthly Lootbox airdropped per mask. Members can redeem their Lootbox on MixMob’s website by verifying their wallet. To participate in the Staking Club Program, members need to stake their mask(s) for 1 year — there will be a maximum of 5,000 MXM tokens distributed per mask. The distribution of the 5,000 MXM tokens will be randomly on a per Lootbox basis every month throughout the year. There will be a deadline for when the program will start with plenty of notice for everyone. Staked masks can be used in-game. If players unstake their mask, they will loose the rewards for that month onwards regardless of the day they unstake, and the mask cannot be staked again. We will distribute all unclaimed rewards to MixMob’s treasury and use them for community giveaways and prizes in the game.
  • Access to MixMob NFT DAO. We allocated 10% off our total mask sales towards supporting the NFT community by purchasing and holding other NFTs in our MixMob NFT DAO. Owners of masks have voting rights towards which NFTs to purchase. Some NFTs will be rewarded over time to mask holders in the game, and others displayed in a virtual gallery.

Furthermore, 30% of MixMob’s 5% Masks fees will be permanently allocated to funding the MixMob NFT DAO in the long run.

1 mask = 1 vote

  • Access to exclusive Discord channels via Grape Protocol
  • Early access to game slice drops and future game modes — starting with our Card Racing Game Alpha release on April 2022
  • Access to exclusive art airdrops
  • Your visual identity in the game

And there you have it. Maskonomics is one section of our Litepaper, which details our roadmap for the future as a game. The paper will cover everything from Story to Card Strategy Racing Game, DAO, Business Model, Design Direction and more. Stay tuned for our Litepaper coming Thursday.



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