Mask Security & Authenticity

Closed Alpha is just a few days away and in order to participate, you will need a Gen0 Mask. When it comes to purchasing a MixMob NFT, there are a few golden rules to follow that will ensure your Mask is authentic, and grants you access to the MixMob: Uprising Alpha.

This blog should clarify any uncertainty over Mask authenticity and safety. For any other questions, please drop us a line on Discord.

How can I tell if my Mask is genuine?

MixMob is a Solana-powered blockchain game; therefore, any MixMob Masks that are on the other blockchains are automatically scams and can’t provide any intrinsic value nor give you the chance to play the game. The only official place where Masks can be purchased is Magic Eden, where valuable information such as attributes, rarity, and official MixMob verification is stored.

How does MixMob verify Mask authenticity?

The MixMob security tooltip helps our team to authenticate your Mask by checking the Masks available in the wallet and whether they are officially minted by MixMob. In other words, the tooltip verifies the Mask’s metadata to authenticate the Masks. This is accomplished by signing the message via Solana Wallets. We highly recommend using Phantom Wallet as it’s considered one of the most user-friendly wallets in the crypto space to make your onboarding faster and more pleasant.

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