Below is the main information you need to be ready for our Mask Drop:


Mark your calendars.

Main sale: Tuesday, December 7, 2021, 9 am PST / 6 pm CEST.
The drop will go on for 24hr or until the last mask is sold.

Presale: Thursday, December 2, 2021, 9 am PST / 6 pm CEST.
The drop will go on for 24hr.


The minting price will be 2 SOL per mask. We recommend having 2.1 SOL ready to pay the potential fees or 4.2 if you’re going to buy 2 masks.

We chose a fixed price to allow a natural post mint price valuation.


Here are the main steps to get your Solana wallet ready for the sale:

  • Create a SPL wallet — Phantom or Solflare work great.
  • Fund it using a centralized exchange such as Binance or FTX.
  • We recommend having 2.1 to buy one mask or 4.2 SOL to buy two masks ready to pay the potential fees.

Market Place

Magic Eden will be our preferred marketplace.
Please only trust MIXMOB’s direct accounts marketplace link.


Solana Candy Machine smart contract.


  • Do not search Google or other websites for the Mask drop link.
  • Only click on links provided directly from MIXMOB accounts.
  • Do not click any links in Discord chats, emails or download any files that claim affiliation with MIXMOB.
  • Never side channel in a separate Discord server or chat app at the request of someone claiming to be customer support or responding to social media threads.
  • Never show your secret recovery phrase to anyone offering to provide assistance.
  • MIXMOB will never DM you for passwords or secret recovery phrases.
  • We suggest that you TURN OFF Direct Message permissions for Discord. Our team will never DM links or drops information. Do not click on suspicious links.


Our goal is to have as wider distribution as possible, that’s why we have a max mint of 2 masks per wallet on drop day and 1 for presale day so if you are a Presale OG or G your max mint will be 3 masks.

We believe this wider distribution model will solve a lot of centralized accumulation and pump and dumps.

Please note that all the masks will be created randomly, and distributed by Candy Machine’s Smart Contract sequentially.

This means it is impossible for anyone, including the team, to alter, or pick what masks they want. This keeps a fair and transparent process. Also, note that the Guild, Team, Investors and Community masks will be the left over masks from the Pre and Main sale. This way there’s zero chance of selecting particular masks.

Reveal Time

We have set Candy Machine to reveal the masks as soon as possible. The process of this can take between 8–12 hours post mint.

Presale note: To avoid bots attacking our RPC endpoint directly and minting into multiple wallets we have wrote a script that compares the whitelisted wallets vs purchased wallets — if there are purchases from wallets outside of the whitelist we will not reveal those masks, and send those masks to charity.


We also want to thank you for supporting our vision and for being a part of our community.

Remember, more than price speculation, the main goal for our mask drop is to support the larger vision of the MIXMOB Metaverse. No individual mask valuation will compare to what we will all be able to create and achieve when the full MIXMOB universe is ready.

We are all excited to rechain our culture together with you.



MIXMOB is a play to earn game powered by Solana. Beginning with a Card Strategy and Battle Racing Game, level up on your journey to the full MMO experience. In MIXMOB you are your avatar. As you progress with your MixBots and NFT collections, the world will recognize the power of your avatar both in the game world and real world.

MixMob is developed by a veteran group of gaming professionals who worked on Halo, FIFA, Pokerstar, Nintendo and more.

Follow along on Discord and Twitter.



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