5,000 masks…

We are the masks we wear.


We come together because our culture is gone.

From this crisis comes great opportunity.
A chance to remix a better future.
To rechain our culture.

These masks give us the power of anonymity,
and collective identity.

Everyone the same, everyone together.
Let’s seize this moment.

Here is our first official teaser.
We will issue 5,000 to start the revolution.
Hand-crafted. Randomly generated.
Guaranteed OG status.

Who are you going to be?

👉Details on how to get into our pre-sale channel will follow shortly.
👉 We will continue to tease more art as we approach the drop.
👉 The official sale will be announced at Solana Breakpoint.

More than just a mask.

The masks are an integral part of our game.
We will reveal more details on rarity and utility next week.
At a high level, your mask gives you:

  1. Your visual identity within the SUBDOMAIN
  2. Proof you were here from the beginning
  3. Access to exclusive Discord channels
  4. An invite to our official mask launch party
  5. Pride of place in the SUBDOMAIN HALL OF FAME
  6. Early access to game slice drops and future game modes
  7. A 3D model in a future release so you can flex it in the game
  8. Access to exclusive airdrops and rewards for being an OG
  9. And finally….


The MIXMOB DAO will champion and foster our NFT culture.
We will kickstart the DAO with a percentage (TBD) of total funds raised by our mask sale, the rest will go towards accelerating our project.

Mask ownership will give you voting rights towards which NFT artists we support. NFTs that we purchase through the DAO will be rewarded through loot boxes and easter eggs in the game — our culture loop.

Beyond the sale, to keep fuelling the growth of our DAO we will also permanently allocate a percentage (TBD) of the fees we earn on all mask sales going forward.

We will share specific details on this in our lite paper before the drop.

What’s next?

We have lots of exciting stuff coming over the next 10 days:
- Next week there will be a Discord live event to meet the team
- Pre-sale channel details announced
- We have a Solana Breakpoint announcement
- New full site and main roadmap blog post announcement
- Then we head to Solana Breakpoint!

So stay tuned!

Join The Revolution

Calling all artists, philosophers, scientists, thinkers, doers, hackers, degens and apes. If you like what we are doing and want to join the resistance, follow us on Twitter and or join our Discord! We are the strength of our own remix, the more we share, the more we progress. So let’s seize this opportunity. Let’s make it hot. ✊🔥 — The Crew, MIXMOB




What would you do if an A.I. deleted our culture? 👀 👉 Let's play the game. #p2e ✊ discord.gg/mixmob 🔥

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What would you do if an A.I. deleted our culture? 👀 👉 Let's play the game. #p2e ✊ discord.gg/mixmob 🔥

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