Get Ready! MixMob’s Public MXM MixBot Sale Begins January 11, 2024!

3 min readDec 30, 2023

New Year, New Chapter! After the success of our WL & Mask Owner Presale, we are excited to unveil the Public Launch date for our MixBot & MXM Token Packages! This new phase is our biggest yet in the quest to Flip Web2, supported by industry giants like G2 Esports, Solana, Anatoly, Arthur Hayes, Wolves DAO, Merit Circle, Magic Eden, and Neo Tokyo.

Keep reading to learn how to secure your MixBot, MXM, and token bonus!

Public Sale Details

Opens: Jan 11 at 9 AM PST / 5 PM GMT

Price: $250 USD per package, including:

  • 1 MixBot
  • MXM tokens equaling $250 in value.
  • MXM multipliers (details below).

The public sale will be divided into three phases:

Phase 1: Guaranteed White List

  • 500 MixBots & MXM packages are available with a guaranteed allocation.
  • Limit of 5 packages per participant.
  • Purchasers of 3+ MixBot & MXM Token Packages will receive a 10% MXM bonus.

Phase 2: FCFS White List

  • 1,000 MixBots & MXM packages are up for grabs on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Limit of 10 packages per participant.
  • Purchasers of 10 MixBot & MXM Token Packages will receive a 10% MXM bonus.

Join the White List now!

Phase 3: Public Sale

  • The final phase offers 3,500 MixBots & MXM packages.
  • Limit of 10 packages per participant.

Recap: Unlock Your MXM Multipliers

Each MixBot comes equipped with MXM multipliers, a bonus that is calculated based on the rarity of its traits, or Mixscore.

For example, an all-Common MixBot gets a 12 Mixscore (2 Common Part Score x 6 traits) and gets a +25 MXM bonus. An all-unique or Glitch MixBot gets a Mixscore of 60 ( 10 Glitch Part Score x 6 traits) and gets a +6250 MXM bonus.

Crunch the numbers with our calculator to determine your potential bonus!

Meet Our New Partners

We’re proud to partner with leading DEX platforms, like Orca and Jupiter, to ensure a seamless and efficient trading experience for our community.

Stay tuned for a CEX partnerships announcement coming soon!

Data Room & Tokenomics Access

For an in-depth overview of this groundbreaking sale, read our Tokenomics for detailed insights and key info.

Where To Go Next

For the latest MixMob news, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord.




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