DAO Update: MixMob’s Newest NFTs

As the NFT world continues to grow, so has our NFT Portfolio. Throughout these last 5 months, we have learned so much and connected with many amazing communities and builders that are paving the way for web3. During this process we have invested in projects that align with MixMob’s values and goals. With Solana and ETH continuing to grow and adapt to web3 expectations, we have done so as well by supporting these builders, as many of them do for us. On that note, we’d like to introduce our newest additions and give some context on a few of them!

Pesky Penguins

Noot Noot! Pesky Penguins is one of the projects we have added to MixMob’s collection. Pesky Penguins is a deflationary collection on the Solana Blockchain that originally started with 8888 NFTs and is now at 8465 at the time of writing this. They are an OG project in the Solana space that focuses on the lore and PFP side of NFTs, with the addition of some utility. Their community is unmatched, as Pesky is well known for having one of the strongest communities in the Solana space. Without further ado, welcome Pesky Penguin #3818!

Jambo Mambo

Jambo Mambo is another Solana project that is building a Play and Earn gaming metaverse. Their vision starts with a PVP where Roos will be adopted and trained for journeys, but it doesn’t end there. The dev’s plan to expand to other areas of web3 gaming, such as PvE and Co-op game modes in the future. Their community and product are unmatched, as they have had a steady increase in popularity. All we can say to that is Roo Roo, frens!

Full Additions:


Jambo Mambo:

Origin Jambo #379 (Solana)

Origin Jambo #205 (Solana)

Origin Jambo #4351 (Solana)

Origin Jambo #733 (Solana)

Origin Jambo #2990 (Solana)

Origin Jambo #1704 (Solana)

Origin Jambo #1708 (Solana)

Origin Jambo #1780 (Solana)

Origin Jambo #4257 (Solana)

Pesky Penguins:

Pesky Penguin #1182 (Solana)

Pesky Penguin #3818 (Solana)

Pesky Penguin #6533 (Solana)

Gooney Tunes:

Gooney #1160 (Solana)

Gooney #2357 (Solana)

Grim Syndicate:

Grim #8857 (Solana)

Grim #2499 (Solana)

Grim #1180 (Solana)

The Bridged:

The Bridged #5500 (Solana)

The Bridged #2998 (Solana)

OddKey Spawnoki — Genesis


Stoner Cats:

Stoner Cat #6104 (Ethereum)

Oni Ronin:

Oni Ronin #3633 (Ethereum)

Oni Ronin #4360 (Ethereum)


FVCK_CRYSTAL// #4096 (Ethereum)

FVCK_CRYSTAL// #1739 (Ethereum)


Akutar #7332 (Ethereum)

Akuatr #7331 (Ethereum)

This is just the beginning. As we move forward, we will dive deeper into each project as we continue to learn, grow, and support each other!

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