Alpha Call Recap — MXM<>SUD$, Staking & More

3 min readMar 21, 2024

Hello, MixMob friends! We’ve got some big alpha to share with you today, along with an exciting MixMob World Clash announcement.

1. Launch of MXM <> SUD$ Conversion

We’re excited to launch the MXM to SUD$ conversion feature at 7:30 PM today, live from GDC. This introduces a new level of flexibility in our game’s economy, allowing for seamless exchanges between MXM & SUD$.

2. Staking Round 2: 3x Rewards!

Simultaneously, Staking Round 2 begins, offering triple the rewards, 80% of arena fees, and end-of-season airdrops for top holders. This is a great opportunity for those who exchange SUD$ to MXM to stake their MXM back and reap additional benefits.

3. SUD$ Shop Reopens

We’re also reopening the SUD$ shop, stocked with freshly minted SUD$. Get your SUD$ ready for the Arenas and to stake on players at the MixMob World Clash.

What are SUD$ benefits?

SUD$ is the gameplay token, a soul-bound token, on Solana, which can only be exchanged with the MixMob games. With SUD$ players can buy and sell MixBots, accessories, fun bet, and pay Arena entry fees and get gameplay rewards.

The benefit is that it prevents market forces, i.e. exchanges, from affecting the token economy.

What are MXM benefits?

MXM is a governance token on Solana that operates the MXM Esports League and incentivizes players. MXM holders get these main benefits:

Reward sharing — unlock a percentage of the fees collected by MixMob.

Governance — shape the future and rules of the MXM League, Turbo Arena and Crews.

Exclusive content — access unique items in the marketplace and tournaments

Referral rewards — bring in players to Arenas and earn rewards

Our tokenomics loop V1 is finally complete:

For the first time, you can now:

  • Win or buy SUD$
  • Play and compete to win SUD$
  • Swap SUD$ for MXM
  • Stake your MXM to get more SUD$
  • Bring in friends with referrals to get more SUD$

Special Benefits for MixMob NFT Holders

As a MixMob NFT holder, we’re committed to offering you added value. We'll reimburse all your conversion fees when you convert SUD$ to MXM and stake for the season. Additionally, a portion of all conversion fees will bolster our Quantum NFT Staking pool.

MixMob World Clash — March 23, 2024

Get ready for the MixMob World Clash, a premier esports event, happening this Saturday. Top robot racers will compete for amazing prizes, including a $5000 prize pool and a secret reward, along with USDC, MXM tokens, NFTs, and partner rewards.

Join the action on to chat, win rewards, and bet on your favorite racers. Be a part of the adrenaline-pumping MixMob experience!

Where To Go Next

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